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Raw Salt Necklace-Raw Salt Necklace, Zircon, drusy
Raw Salt Necklace
$345.00 $207.00
Green Drusy Necklace-Green Drusy Necklace, Seed bead on nylon chain, drusy, green amethyst sterling silver pendant.
Green Drusy Necklace
Herkimer Diamond Necklace-Herkimer Diamond Necklace, Herkimer Diamond cast in sterling silver pendant, on hand-made nylon seed bead chain
Herkimer Diamond Necklace
Manhattan Necklace-Manhattan Necklace, Whiskey quartz, gold-filled chain
Manhattan Necklace
Amazonite & Picasso Jasper Mala-Amazonite & Picasso Jasper Mala,
Amazonite & Picasso Jasper Mala

White Lace Agate & Impression Jasper Mala-White Lace Agate & Impression Jasper Mala,
White Lace Agate & Impression Jasper Mala
Rosalina Necklace-Rosalina Necklace, Rose quartz, gold-filled chain
Rosalina Necklace
The Romantic Necklace-The Romantic Necklace, Pink opal, rose quartz, pyrite, gold-filled chain
The Romantic Necklace
Zircon Pearl Necklace-Zircon Pearl Necklace, Fresh water pearl, zircon, gold-filled chain
Zircon Pearl Necklace

Perlette 30" Necklace-Perlette 30 Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, gold-filled chain
Perlette 30" Necklace

Perlette 24" Necklace-Perlette 24 Necklace,Fresh-water pearl, gold-filled chain
Perlette 24" Necklace
Pearliest Necklace-Pearliest Necklace, Fresh- water pearl, gold-filled chain
Pearliest Necklace
Opal Necklace-Opal Necklace, Opalite, vintage glass, turquoise
Opal Necklace
Lune Bleue Necklace-Lune Bleue Necklace, Turquoise seed bead on nylon chain, rainbow moonstone
Lune Bleue Necklace
Luminance Necklace-Luminance Necklace, Opalite, rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Luminance Necklace
Diamond Moon Necklace-Diamond Moon Necklace, Turquoise seedbead nylon chain, black diamond moon, bone feather, turquoise, lapis, mystic chalcedony
Diamond Moon Necklace
Purpura 18" and Lilac 22" Necklaces Layered Together-Purpura 18 and Lilac 22 Necklaces
Purpura 18" and Lilac 22" Necklaces Layered Together
Rock Me 18" and 22" Necklaces Layered-Rock Me 18 and 22 Necklaces Layered, Rock Crystal
Rock Me 18" and 22" Necklaces Layered
Rock Me 18" Necklace-Rock Me 18 Necklace, rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Rock Me 18" Necklace
Rock Me 22" Necklace-Rock Me 22 Necklace, Rock Crystal, gold-filled chain
Rock Me 22" Necklace
Rock Crystal Marquise 17" Necklace-Rock Crystal Marquise 17 Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Rock Crystal Marquise 17" Necklace
Rock Crystal Marquise 24" Necklace-Rock Crystal Marquise 24 Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Rock Crystal Marquise 24" Necklace
Plitvice 18" and 22" Necklace-Plitvice 22 Necklace, green amethyst, 22gold-filled chain
Plitvice 18" and 22" Necklace
Moon Peach Necklace-Moon Peach Necklace, Peach moonstone, pyrite, silverite, turquoise, rose quartz
Moon Peach Necklace
Rose Charm Necklace-Rose Charm Necklace, Silverite, rose quartz, ruby, gold-filled chain
Rose Charm Necklace
Iridescent Necklace-Iridescent Necklace,Drusy, gold-filled chain
Iridescent Necklace
Croatia Necklace-On Point Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, rock crystal, chalcedony
Croatia Necklace
Blue Peach Necklace-Blue Peach Necklace, Peach moonstone, Italian stabalized turquoise, pyrite.
Blue Peach Necklace
On Point Necklace-On Point Necklace, 20” Lapis, sleeping beauty turquoise, gold-filled chain
On Point Necklace
On Point Cluster Necklace-On Point Cluster Necklace, 16” Lapis, turquoise, gold-filled chain
On Point Cluster Necklace

Peruvian Blue Necklace-Peruvian Blue Necklace, Peruvian chalcedony, rose quartz, onyx, coral, gold-filled chain
Peruvian Blue Necklace
St. Barth's Necklace-St. Barth's Necklace, Green Amethyst, labradorite, chrysoprase, aquamarine
St. Barth's Necklace
Blue Charm Necklace-Blue Charm Necklace, Aquamarine, white coral, gold-filled chain
Blue Charm Necklace
Chalcedony Marquise 17" Necklace-Chalcedony Marquise 17 Necklace, Chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Chalcedony Marquise 17" Necklace

Gold Blue Necklace-Gold Blue Necklace, Drusy, turquoise
Gold Blue Necklace
Chalcedony Marquise 24" Necklace-Chalcedony Marquise 24 Necklace, Chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Chalcedony Marquise 24" Necklace
Silver Rose Necklace-Silver Rose Necklace, Pink quartz, drusy, gold-filled chain and sterling silver.
Silver Rose Necklace

Lilac 22" Necklace-Lilac 22 Necklace, Blue lace agate, gold-filled chain
Lilac 22" Necklace
Purpura 18" Necklace-Purpura 18 Necklace, Ametrine, gold-filled chain
Purpura 18" Necklace

Exuma Necklace-On Point Necklace, Peach moonstone, freshwater pearl, kunzite
Exuma Necklace
Clear Blue Necklace-Clear Blue Necklace, Rock crystal, turquoise, gold-filled chain
Clear Blue Necklace
Plitvice 18" Necklace-Plitvice 18 Necklace, Green amethyst, gold-filled chain
Plitvice 18" Necklace

Seabreeze Necklace-Seabreeze Necklace, Aquamarine, amber quartz, fresh-water pearl, gold-filled chain
Seabreeze Necklace
Larimar Necklace-Larimar Necklace, Larimar, white coral, gold-filled chain
Larimar Necklace

Sparkly Claire Necklace-Sparkly Claire Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain and silver
Sparkly Claire Necklace
True Blue Baby Necklace-True Blue Baby Necklace, Synthetic obsidian, turquoise, gold-filled chain
True Blue Baby Necklace

Romantique Necklace-Romantique Necklace, Rutilated quartz, silverite, fresh-water pearl, drusy, moonstone, gold-filled
Romantique Necklace
Turquoise Sun Necklace-Turquoise Sun Necklace, Stabilized turquoise, gold-foil quartz, gold-filled chain
Turquoise Sun Necklace

Dancing Pearl Necklace-Dancing Pearl Necklace
Dancing Pearl Necklace
Creamery Necklace-Creamery Necklace, Agate, drusy, moonstone, gold-filled
Creamery Necklace

Shine Bright Necklace-Shine Bright Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Shine Bright Necklace
Rose Drops on Roses Necklace-Rose Drops on Roses Necklace, Rose quartz, gold-filled chain
Rose Drops on Roses Necklace
Claire Necklace-Claire Necklace, Rock Crystal, 34 gold-filled chain
Claire Necklace

Lemon Turquoise Necklace-Lemon Turquoise Necklace, Lemon Citrine, turquoise
Lemon Turquoise Necklace

Rose Dip Necklace-Rose Dip Necklace, Rose quartz, aquamarine, pyrite, amethyst,  rhodocrosite
Rose Dip Necklace
Take me to the Islands2-Take me to the Islands2
Take me to the Islands2

Seashore Necklace-Seashore Necklace, Peach moonstone, pyrite, phoenix blood
Seashore Necklace
Citrine Drops Necklace-Citrine Drops Necklace, Lemon citrine, gold-filled chain
Citrine Drops Necklace
Charming Necklace-Charming Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, rutilated quartz, drusy, oonstone, labradorite, gold-filled chain
Charming Necklace
Elizabeth Necklace-Elizabeth Necklace
Elizabeth Necklace
Crystal Clear Necklace-Crystal Clear Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Crystal Clear Necklace
What a Gem Necklace-What a Gem Necklace, Ruby Zoisite in quartz, herkimer diamond, moonstone, pyrite
What a Gem Necklace
Aquarelle Necklace-Aquarelle Necklace, Phosphosiderite, labradorite, opal, ruby, aquamarine, gold-filled chain, quartz
Aquarelle Necklace
Orange Lilac Necklace-Orange Lilac Necklace,Moonstone, Blue lace agate
Orange Lilac Necklace
Take Me to the Islands Necklace-Take Me to the Islands Necklace , Lapis, turquoise, gold-filled chain
Take Me to the Islands Necklace
Glitter Lab Necklace-Glitter Lab Necklace
Glitter Lab Necklace

When the Moon Necklace-When the Moon Necklace, Rainbow Moonstone
When the Moon Necklace

Dipped Necklace-Dipped Necklace, Bi-color moonstone, peach quartz, silverite, pyrite, moonstone
Dipped Necklace
Long Labradorite Solitaire-Long Labradorite Solitaire,Labradorite, gold-filled chain
Long Labradorite Solitaire
Long Olive Solitaire Necklace-Long Olive Solitaire Necklace
Long Olive Solitaire Necklace
Labradorite Solitaire-Labradorite Solitaire, Labradorite, gold-filled chain
Labradorite Solitaire

Olive Solitaire Necklace-Olive Solitaire Necklace, Olive quartz, gold-filled chain
Olive Solitaire Necklace
Silver Screen Necklace-Silver Screen Necklace
Silver Screen Necklace
$390.00 $235.00
Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace-Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace
Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace
$995.00 $600.00
Pennia Necklace-Pennia Necklace
Pennia Necklace
Red Tiger's Eye & Kunzite  Mala-Red Tiger's Eye & Kunzite  Mala
Red Tiger's Eye & Kunzite Mala
Arctic Necklace-Arctic Necklace
Arctic Necklace

Blue Angel Necklace-Blue Angel Necklace
Blue Angel Necklace

Mini Black Lab-Mini Black Lab
Mini Black Lab
Herkimer Snow Necklace-Herkimer Snow Necklace, Herkimer diamond, natural ruby in quartz
Herkimer Snow Necklace
Chocolate Mint Necklace-Chocolate Mint Necklace, Howalite, ruby zoisite, mango calcite, agate drusy
Chocolate Mint Necklace

Salt of the Earth Necklace-Salt of the Earth Necklace, Drusy
Salt of the Earth Necklace
Moonshine Necklace-Moonshine Necklace, Moonstone
Moonshine Necklace

Drape Necklace-Drape Necklace, Gold-filled chain, rutilated quartz
Drape Necklace
You're still my Sunshine Necklace-You're still my Sunshine Necklace
You're still my Sunshine Necklace

Aurora Necklace-Aurora Necklace, Chrysoprase, spinnel
Aurora Necklace
Beryl Drusy Mala-Beryl Drusy Mala
Beryl Drusy Mala
Stormy Ocean Necklace-Stormy Ocean Necklace, Aquamarine, pyrite, lemon quartz
Stormy Ocean Necklace

Blue Fall Necklace-Blue Fall Necklace
Blue Fall Necklace
Moss Cascade Necklace-Moss Cascade Necklace, Moss amethyst, chalcedony, rutilated quartz
Moss Cascade Necklace

Blue Desert Necklace-Blue Desert Necklace, Pyrite, aquamarine, glass, mookite
Blue Desert Necklace
Crystal Gold Necklace-Crystal Gold Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-foil quartz
Crystal Gold Necklace
Honey Bee Necklace-Honey Bee Necklace
Honey Bee Necklace
Seawater Necklace-Seawater Necklace, Amazonite, spinnel, aquamarine, lemon quartz, pyrite
Seawater Necklace
Star Dust Necklace-Star Dust Necklace
Star Dust Necklace

Perla Necklace-Perla Necklace, Fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain
Perla Necklace
Grounded Necklace-Amethyst, moonstone, pyrite.
Grounded Necklace
Gold Lab Necklace-Labradorite, gold-filled chain
Gold Lab Necklace

Taffy Necklace-Taffy Necklace, Agate, copper horn, fresh water pearl, pink Botswana agate, moonstone, agate drusy, chrysoprase
Taffy Necklace
Violetta Necklace-Pink amethyst, ametrine
Violetta Necklace
A Piece of Me Necklace-A Piece of Me Necklace, Amethyst, garnet
A Piece of Me Necklace
Leaf Necklace-Leaf Necklace, Green onyx, green amethyst
Leaf Necklace

Clear as Mud Necklace-Clear as Mud Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Clear as Mud Necklace

Blue Tiger Necklace-Blue Tiger Necklace, Green tiger's eye, ruby zoisite, lapis, apatite
Blue Tiger Necklace
Black Lab Necklace-Black Lab Necklace, labradorite, apatite, gold-filled chain
Black Lab Necklace
Blue Jay Necklace-Blue Jay Necklace, Lapis
Blue Jay Necklace
White Caterpillar Necklace-White Caterpillar Necklace, Gold-filled chain, amazonite, rock crystal
White Caterpillar Necklace
Hot Ruby Necklace-Hot Ruby Necklace, Crystal, pyrite, sunstone, silverite, ruby, rhodocrosite
Hot Ruby Necklace

St. Enfant Jesus Necklace-St. Enfant Jesus Necklace, Silverite, moonstone, opal, rutilated quartz, religious token circa 1820-1860 found in South France
St. Enfant Jesus Necklace

Bonbon Necklace-Bonbon Necklace, Green mystic onyx, gold-filled chain, green drusy, quartz
Bonbon Necklace

Summer Fest Necklace-Summer Fest Necklace, Crushed rock crystal, jade
Summer Fest Necklace

Rose Sand Necklace-Rose Sand Necklace, Red quartz, reconstructed amber, white agate
Rose Sand Necklace
Peach Angel Necklace-Peach Angel Necklace, Fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain, coral, drusy wing
Peach Angel Necklace
Ocean Necklace-Ocean Necklace, Amazonite, sodalite, fire agate, pyrite, glass, blue tigers eye
Ocean Necklace

Arc-en-Ciel Necklace-Arc-en-Ciel Necklace, Red quartz, jade, drusy, white quartz, pyrite, tigers eye, prenite, chrysoprase
Arc-en-Ciel Necklace

Oceanica Necklace-Oceanica Necklace, Green amethyst, gold-filled chain, 
turquoise, aquamarine
Oceanica Necklace

Africa Necklace-Africa Necklace, Onyx, moonstone pyrite amazonite, reconstructed amber, rutilated quartz. moonstone
Africa Necklace

Yellow Peach Necklace-Yellow Peach Necklace, Crystal quartz, opal, cubic zirconia
Yellow Peach Necklace
Silver Bee Necklace-Silver Bee Necklace, Pyrite, yellow glass, lemon quartz
Silver Bee Necklace
Green Strawberry Necklace-Green Strawberry Necklace, Strawberry quartz, rose quartz, aventurine
Green Strawberry Necklace

Angel Pearl Necklace-Angel Pearl Necklace, Gold-filled chain, tassle, fresh water pearl, drusy angel
Angel Pearl Necklace
Spiny Oyster Necklace-Spiny Oyster Necklace, Rock crystal, red quartz, spiny 
oyster shell, red tigers eye
Spiny Oyster Necklace

Pinkish Necklace-Pinkish Necklace, Gold-filled chain,  pink mystic quartz
Pinkish Necklace
Orange Raspberry Necklace-Orange Raspberry Necklace, Glass, moonstone, strawberry quartz, pyrite
Orange Raspberry Necklace
Green Moss Horn Necklace-Green Moss Horn Necklace,  Green moss opal, pyrite, glass, ruby zoisite, green garnet, fancy jasper, pewter, agate
Green Moss Horn Necklace
Vintage Faith Necklace-Vintage Faith Necklace, Chrysoprase, quartz, pyrite, hematite, religious token circa 1820-1860 found in South France
Vintage Faith Necklace

Blue and Stormy Necklace-Blue and Stormy Necklace, Onyx, pyrite, hematite, drusy, amazonite
Blue and Stormy Necklace

Hail Mary Feather Necklace-Hail Mary Feather Necklace, Gold-filled chain, bone, religious token circa 1820-1860 found in South France, rutilated quartz
Hail Mary Feather Necklace

Warrior Necklace-Warrior Necklace, Amazonite, pyrite, blue calcite
Warrior Necklace

Turks Necklace-Turks Necklace, Gold-filled chain, pink quartz, turquoise, toumaline, ametrine, quartz
Turks Necklace

Mint Caramel Necklace-Mint Caramel Necklace, Chalcedony, yellow glass, moonstone, aventurine
Mint Caramel Necklace
On the Rocks Necklace-On the Rocks Necklace, Crushed rock crystal, rhodocrosite
On the Rocks Necklace
Pure and Simple Necklace-Pure and Simple Necklace, Gold-filled chain, pyrite, fresh water pearl
Pure and Simple Necklace

Clarity Necklace-Clarity Necklace, Gold-filled chain, rock crystal
Clarity Necklace

Boho Chic Necklace-Boho Chic Necklace
Boho Chic Necklace

Butterfly Necklace-Butterfly Necklace, Mystic moonstone, gold-filled chain, chalcedony, rock crystal
Butterfly Necklace

Celebration Necklace-Celebration Necklace, Jade, chrysoprase, reconstructed amber, tassle, glass
Celebration Necklace

Silver Amazon Necklace-Silver Amazon Necklace, Pyrite, amazonite, onyx
Silver Amazon Necklace
Roma Loves You Necklace-Roma Loves You Necklace, Authentic Roman 1st Century AD coin.  Constantinian period found in Crimea peninsula in Russia, cast in sterling silver
Roma Loves You Necklace
Peach Moss Necklace-Peach Moss Necklace, Ocean Jasper, pink opal, green onyx, pyrite, drusy, amazonite
Peach Moss Necklace
Copper Buddha Necklace-Copper Buddha Necklace, Copper bell, seed bead on nylon chain
Copper Buddha Necklace
For the Love of Green Necklace-For the Love of Green Necklace, Green onyx, gold-filled chain
For the Love of Green Necklace
Yellow Blue Necklace-Yellow Blue Necklace, Lapis, glass
Yellow Blue Necklace

Blue Lagoon Necklace-Blue Lagoon Necklace, Chalcopyrite, spinnel, pyrite
Blue Lagoon Necklace
Titanium Dust Necklace-Titanium Dust Necklace, Titanium-coated drusy, gold-filled chain
Titanium Dust Necklace

Nile Cruise Necklace-Nile Cruise Necklace, Rock crystal, turquoise, bumble bee jasper, rose quartz, gold-filled chain
Nile Cruise Necklace
Devoted Necklace-Devoted Necklace, Drusy, smoky quartz, turquoise, gold-filled chain
Devoted Necklace
Whiskey Bubble Necklace-Whiskey Bubble Necklace, Champagne quatyz, gold-filled chain
Whiskey Bubble Necklace

Verdura Necklace-Verdura Necklace, Green amethyst, spinnel
Verdura Necklace
Natural Tassle Necklace-Natural Tassle Necklace
Natural Tassle Necklace
Silver Dust Necklace-Silver Dust Necklace, drusy, gold-filled and sterling silver chain
Silver Dust Necklace
Black Diamond Buddha Necklace-Black Diamond Buddha, Black diamonds, quatyz, gold-filled chain
Black Diamond Buddha Necklace
Amazonite Drop Necklace-Amazonite Drop Necklace, Peruvian amazonite, green onyx, ethiopian opal, gold-filled chain
Amazonite Drop Necklace

Lucky Elephant Necklace-Lucky Elephant Necklace, Brass bell, tassle, gold-filled chain
Lucky Elephant Necklace

Blue Angel Necklace-Blue Angel Necklace, Aquamarine, drusy, fresh-water pearl,gold-filled chain
Blue Angel Necklace

Two by Two Necklace-Two by Two Necklace,Green onyx, blue lace agate, gold-filled chain
Two by Two Necklace

Orange Blue Necklace-Orange Blue Necklace, Lapis, pyrite, glass, gold-filled chain
Orange Blue Necklace
White Nest Necklace-White Nest Necklace, Drusy, gold-filled chain
White Nest Necklace

Brillant Necklace-Brillant Necklace, Drusy, pyrite, freshwater pearl
Brillant Necklace
Midnight Pearl Necklace-Midnight Pearl Necklace,Freshwater pearl, gold-filled chain, onyx
Midnight Pearl Necklace

Unicorn Necklace-Unicorn Necklace, Drusy, fresh-water pearl, gold-filled chain
Unicorn Necklace
Energy Necklace-Energy Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Energy Necklace
Diamond Moon Necklace-Diamond Moon Necklace, Buffalo bone, diamonds, pyrite, gold-filled chain
Diamond Moon Necklace
Clarify Necklace-Clarify Necklace, Chalcedony, tourmalinated quartz, mystic moonstone, fresh-water pearl, rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Clarify Necklace
Amethyst Stalactite Necklace-Amethyst Stalactite Necklace, Amethyst stalactite, pyrite, calcite
Amethyst Stalactite Necklace

Mauve Dust Necklace-Mauve Dust Necklace, Jaspar, agate
Mauve Dust Necklace

Tribal Chic Necklace-Tribal Chic Necklace, Fossil, rose quartz, rhodocrosite, kunzite
Tribal Chic Necklace
Steel Necklace-Steel Necklace, GBlown glass, silverite, malachite, apatite
Steel Necklace
Gentle Warrior Necklace-Gentle Warrior Necklace, Blue calcite, mystic petersite, pyrite, rhodocrosite
Gentle Warrior Necklace
Amber Globe Necklace-Amber Globe Necklace, Wire wrapped amber quartz, gold-filled chain
Amber Globe Necklace
Black Sliver Necklace-Black Sliver Necklace, Pyrite, howalite
Black Sliver Necklace
Montagne Necklace-Montagne Necklace, Malachite, green onyx, seed beads
Montagne Necklace

Forestire Necklace-Forestire Necklace, Stalactite druzy, spinnel, green onyx
Forestire Necklace
Spun Necklace-Spun Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled wire, gold-filled chain
Spun Necklace
Bumble Necklace-Bumble Necklace, Aquamarine, fresh-water pearl, rock crystal, red tigers eye, bumble bee jasper, gold-filled chain
Bumble Necklace

Dragon Cloud Necklace-Dragon Cloud Necklace, Malachite, mystic onyx, onyx, 
gold-filled chain
Dragon Cloud Necklace
Bourgogne Necklace-Bourgogne Necklace, Chocolate moonstone, silverite, sunstone, 
carnelian, green chalcedony, green onyx, 
gold-filled chain
Bourgogne Necklace
Smoky Moon Necklace-Smoky Moon Necklace, Smoky quartz, ruby zoizite, cubic 
circonia, citrine
Smoky Moon Necklace
Etched Crystal Necklace-Etched Crystal Necklace, Rock crystal
Etched Crystal Necklace
Bear Hug Necklace-Bear Hug Necklace, Onyx, spinnel
Bear Hug Necklace
The Mine Necklace-The Mine Necklace, Amethyst stalactite, mother of pearl
The Mine Necklace
Down Under Necklace-Down Under Necklace, Onyx, blue tigers eye, pyrite, mystic onyx, jasper
Down Under Necklace
Ocean Jasper Necklace-Ocean Jasper Necklace, Stalactite drusy, moonstone, pyrite, amazonite, ocean jasper
Ocean Jasper Necklace
Gold Dust Necklace-Gold Dust Necklace, 18 ct gold coated drusy, silver, gold-
filled chain
Gold Dust Necklace
Copper Pearl Necklace-Copper Pearl Necklace, Oxidized copper, fresh-water pearl, drusy, mystic petersite, chalcedony, pyrite, 
labradorite, moonstone
Copper Pearl Necklace
Perlita Necklace-Perlita Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, mystic quartz, gold-filled chain
Perlita Necklace
Perla Necklace-Perla Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, mystic quartz, gold-filled chain
Perla Necklace
Blithe Necklace-Blithe Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, malachite, moonstone, spinnel, rhodocrosite, tourmalinated quartz, pyrite, tigers eye, chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Blithe Necklace

Up In Smoke Necklace-Up In Smoke Necklace, Smoky quartz, labradorite
Up In Smoke Necklace

Mineral Necklace-Mineral Necklace, Amethyst, buffalo bone, mystic petersite, spinnel, amazonite
Mineral Necklace
Snow Angel Necklace-Snow Angel Necklace, Rhodocrosite, fresh-water pearl, nylon seedbead
Snow Angel Necklace
Tiffany Necklace-Tiffany Necklace, Tiffany stone, gold-filled chain
Tiffany Necklace
Down Deep Necklace-Down Deep Necklace, Labradorite, lapis, pyrite
Down Deep Necklace
Arrowhead Necklace-Arrowhead Necklace,  Obsidian, blue tiger�s eye, pyrite, aquamarine
Arrowhead Necklace
Twinkle Bar Necklace-Twinkle Bar Necklace, Drusy, lapis, gold-filled chain
Twinkle Bar Necklace
Titanium Dust Necklace-Titanium Dust Necklace, Titanium-coated drusy, silver, gold-filled chain
Titanium Dust Necklace
Fairywren Necklace-Fairywren Necklace,Blue topaz, gold-filled chain
Fairywren Necklace

Summer Light Necklace-Summer Light Necklace, Chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Summer Light Necklace
Black Lab Necklace-Black Lab Necklace, Black Labradorite, gold-filled chain
Black Lab Necklace

Slate Coral Necklace-Slate Coral Necklace, Blue coral, rose quartz
Slate Coral Necklace
Smoky Blue Necklace-Smoky Blue Necklace, Smoky quartz, turquoise, opal
Smoky Blue Necklace

Island Blue Necklace-Island Blue Necklace, Black labradorite, apatite, amazonite
Island Blue Necklace
Joy Necklace-Joy Necklace, Tiger�s eye, carnelian, reconstructed amber, picture jasper, fresh-water pearl, tagua, blue coral, white agate
Joy Necklace

Electric Necklace-Electric Necklace, Rock quartz, lapis
Electric Necklace

Aquagreen Necklace-Aquagreen Necklace, Rock quartz, gold-filled chain
Aquagreen Necklace
Island Necklace-Island Necklace
Island Necklace
Cognac Necklace-Cognac Necklace, hampagne quartz, gold-filled chain
Cognac Necklace
Pearled Feather Necklace-Pearled Feather Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, mystic quartz, glass,gold-filled chain
Pearled Feather Necklace
Whimsy Crystal Necklace-Whimsy Crystal Necklace, Crushed rock crystal, quartz, gold-filled chain
Whimsy Crystal Necklace
Soft Necklace-Soft Necklace, Mystic quartz, moonstone. gold-filled chain, tassle
Soft Necklace
Hazelnut Pearl Necklace-Hazelnut Pearl Necklace, Reconstructed Amber, pyrite, mother of pearl
Hazelnut Pearl Necklace
Coquine Necklace-Coquine Necklace, Mystic quartz, pyrite
Coquine Necklace
Orangesicle Necklace-Orangesicle Necklace, Rock Crystal
Orangesicle Necklace
Grande Dame Necklace-Grande Dame Necklace, Rock crystal, moonstone, gold-filled chain
Grande Dame Necklace
Pink Marble Necklace-Pink Marble Necklace, Mango calcite, reconstructed amber
Pink Marble Necklace
Silver Slabs Necklace-Silver Slabs Necklace, Agate
Silver Slabs Necklace
Royal Pink Necklace-Royal Pink Necklace, Lapis, silverite, gold-filled chain
Royal Pink Necklace

Busy Bee Necklace-Busy Bee Necklace,Onyx, glass
Busy Bee Necklace
Royal Canari Necklace-Royal Canari Necklace
Royal Canari Necklace
Mineral Necklace-Mineral Necklace, Buffalo horn, amethyst
Mineral Necklace

Gummy Drop Necklace-Gummy Drop Necklace, Crysoprase, kunzite, moonstone, reconstituted amber, aquamarine
Gummy Drop Necklace

Single Etched Necklace-Single Etched Necklace, Rock Crystal, old-filled chain
Single Etched Necklace
Bubble Drop Necklace-Bubble Drop Necklace
Bubble Drop Necklace
Raw Amazonite Necklace-Raw Amazonite Necklace, Amazonite, amethyst, blue topaz, pink quartz
Raw Amazonite Necklace
Silver Lining Necklace-Silver Lining Necklace, Chalcedony, labradorite
Silver Lining Necklace
Gum Drop Necklace-Gum Drop Necklace, Rock crystal, crysoprase, reconstituted amber, vintage glass, aquamarine
Gum Drop Necklace

Etched 5 Necklace-Etched 5 Necklace
Etched 5 Necklace

Amethyst Collar Necklace-Amethyst Collar Necklace, Amethyst
Amethyst Collar Necklace

Triple Etched Necklace-Triple Etched Necklace, Rock Crystal, old-filled chain
Triple Etched Necklace
Buttercream Necklace-Buttercream Necklace, Ethiopian opal, mystic quartz, gold-filled chain
Buttercream Necklace
Round and Round Necklace-Round and Round Necklace, Champagne quartz, gold-filled chain
Round and Round Necklace
Choked Up Necklace-Choked Up Necklace
Choked Up Necklace
Canari Blue Necklace-Canari Blue Necklace, Amazonite, glass, beaded rayon thread
Canari Blue Necklace
Red Creek Plunge Necklace-Red Creek Plunge Necklace, Red creek jasper, amazonite, crysoprase, gold-filled chain
Red Creek Plunge Necklace

Red Creek Necklace-Red Creek Necklace
Red Creek Necklace

Tassle Chic Necklace-Tassle Chic Necklace
Tassle Chic Necklace

Green Opal Necklace-Green Opal Necklace, Phantom quartz, opalite, crysoprase
Green Opal Necklace
$205.00 $125.00
My Better Half Necklace (layered)-My Better Half Necklace (layered)
My Better Half Necklace (layered)
Lavender Peach Necklace-Lavender Peach Necklace, Pink amethyst, chalcedony, pyrite
Lavender Peach Necklace
$175.00 $105.00
Snow Green Necklace-Snow Green Necklace,Green garnet, howalite
Snow Green Necklace
$350.00 $210.00
Caterpillar Necklace-Caterpillar Necklace
Caterpillar Necklace
$450.00 $270.00
Pink Clover Necklace-Pink Clover Necklace
Pink Clover Necklace
$350.00 $210.00
Green Moon Necklace-Green Moon Necklace
Green Moon Necklace
$275.00 $165.00
Golden Peach Necklace-Golden Peach Necklace
Golden Peach Necklace
$1020.00 $615.00
Radiant Necklace-Radiant Necklace
Radiant Necklace
$360.00 $220.00
Mystic Necklace-Mystic Necklace
Mystic Necklace
$395.00 $240.00
River Rock Necklace-River Rock Necklace
River Rock Necklace
$300.00 $180.00
Mystic Agate Necklace-Mystic Agate Necklace
Mystic Agate Necklace
$245.00 $150.00
Tiger's Cross Necklace-Tiger's Cross Necklace, Andusulate, tigers eye, onyx cross
Tiger's Cross Necklace
$335.00 $205.00
Mica Tiger Necklace-Mica Tiger Necklace, Pyrite, coral, golden mica
Mica Tiger Necklace
$725.00 $435.00
Best Friend Necklace-Best Friends Necklace,Herkimer diamond, crystal quartz  pendant, cubic zirconia, London blue quartz
Best Friend Necklace
$375.00 $225.00
Reflection Necklace-Reflection Necklace, Rainbow moon, labradorite, andalusite, tourmaline, bi-color quartz
Reflection Necklace
$485.00 $290.00
Maple Grape Necklace-Maple Grape Necklace, Blue goldstone, green onyx, agate
Maple Grape Necklace
$260.00 $156.00
Blue Iris Necklace-Blue Iris Necklace, Aquamarine, lapis, spinnel, chalcedony, chrysophase,
Blue Iris Necklace
$620.00 $372.00
Aquarelle Necklace-Aquarelle Necklace, Pink quartz, mystic onyx, citrine,
rock crystal, amethyst
Aquarelle Necklace
$395.00 $240.00
Jade Nectarine Necklace-Jade Nectarine Necklace, Rhodocronsite, coral, pyrite, chalcedony
Jade Nectarine Necklace
$190.00 $80.00
Lemon Tangerine Necklace-Lemon Tangerine Necklace, Citrine, sunstone, coral
Lemon Tangerine Necklace
$390.00 $235.00
Black Or White Necklace-Black Or White Necklace, Shell, howalite, rock crystal
Black Or White Necklace
$260.00 $156.00
Volcanic Glass Necklace-Volcanic Glass Necklace, Obsidian, labradorite
Volcanic Glass Necklace
$385.00 $230.00
Blue Mint Necklace-Blue Mint Necklace, Aquamarine, apatite, chrysophase, cubic zirconia
Blue Mint Necklace
$600.00 $360.00
Blue Coral Necklace-Blue Coral Necklace, Electroplated gold chain on brass, coral, rock crystal, lapis
Blue Coral Necklace
$215.00 $130.00
Emerald Caramel Necklace-Emerald Caramel Necklace, Vermeil, moonstone, apatite, green mystic quartz
Emerald Caramel Necklace
$320.00 $192.00
Olive Necklace-Olive Necklace, Fresh water pearl, prenite, pyrite
Olive Necklace
$548.00 $330.00
Golden Blue Necklace-Golden Blue Necklace, goldstone, kianite, swarovski crystal aquamarine
Golden Blue Necklace
$650.00 $390.00
Grape Coral Necklace-Grape Coral Necklace,Bamboo coral, chalcedony, apetite, sapphire, moonstone, tourmaline
Grape Coral Necklace
$340.00 $205.00
Caramel Peach Necklace-Caramel Peach Necklace, Cherry tiger quartz, cubic zirconia, shell
Caramel Peach Necklace
$380.00 $230.00
Aubergine Mauve Necklace-Aubergine Mauve Necklace, Hessonite, charoite, lapidolite
Aubergine Mauve Necklace
$265.00 $160.00
Shell Bound Necklace-Shell Bound Necklace, Amethyst, aquamarine, shell
Shell Bound Necklace
$425.00 $255.00
In the Navy Necklace-In the Navy Necklace, Smoky quartz, kianite, amethyst, garnet rock
In the Navy Necklace
$290.00 $175.00
Snow Pink Necklace-Snow Pink Necklace, Shell, fresh water pearl, rock crystal
Snow Pink Necklace
$220.00 $175.00
Jagged Necklace-Jagged Necklace, Smoky Quartz, gold-filled chain, sapphire
Jagged Necklace
$340.00 $205.00
Smoky Coral Necklace-Smoky Coral, Smoky Quartz, coral, aquamarine
Smoky Coral Necklace
$290.00 $175.00
Jardin Necklace-Jardin Necklace
Jardin Necklace
$1100.00 $650.00
Mustard Eggplant Necklace-Agate, chrome diopside, gold-plated chain
Mustard Eggplant Necklace
$265.00 $160.00
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