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Summer 2019

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On Point Cluster Necklace-On Point Cluster Necklace, 16” Lapis, turquoise, gold-filled chain
On Point Cluster Necklace

Peruvian Blue Necklace-Peruvian Blue Necklace, Peruvian chalcedony, rose quartz, onyx, coral, gold-filled chain
Peruvian Blue Necklace
St. Barth's Necklace-St. Barth's Necklace, Green Amethyst, labradorite, chrysoprase, aquamarine
St. Barth's Necklace
Blue Charm Necklace-Blue Charm Necklace, Aquamarine, white coral, gold-filled chain
Blue Charm Necklace
Clear Blue Bracelet-Clear Blue Bracelet, Rock crystal, moonstone, amazonite, crysal, gold-filled chain
Clear Blue Bracelet
Chalcedony Marquise 17" Necklace-Chalcedony Marquise 17 Necklace, Chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Chalcedony Marquise 17" Necklace

Gold Blue Necklace-Gold Blue Necklace, Drusy, turquoise
Gold Blue Necklace
Chalcedony Marquise 24" Necklace-Chalcedony Marquise 24 Necklace, Chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Chalcedony Marquise 24" Necklace
Silver Rose Necklace-Silver Rose Necklace, Pink quartz, drusy, gold-filled chain and sterling silver.
Silver Rose Necklace

Lilac 22" Necklace-Lilac 22 Necklace, Blue lace agate, gold-filled chain
Lilac 22" Necklace
Purpura 18" Necklace-Purpura 18 Necklace, Ametrine, gold-filled chain
Purpura 18" Necklace

Exuma Necklace-On Point Necklace, Peach moonstone, freshwater pearl, kunzite
Exuma Necklace
Clear Blue Necklace-Clear Blue Necklace, Rock crystal, turquoise, gold-filled chain
Clear Blue Necklace
Plitvice 18" Necklace-Plitvice 18 Necklace, Green amethyst, gold-filled chain
Plitvice 18" Necklace

Seabreeze Necklace-Seabreeze Necklace, Aquamarine, amber quartz, fresh-water pearl, gold-filled chain
Seabreeze Necklace
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