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Mystic Pink Necklace-Mystic Pink Necklace, Pyrite, Pink topaz, gold–filled chain
Mystic Pink Necklace

Velvet Plum Necklace-Velvet Plum Necklace,Agate, crystal, iolite
Velvet Plum Necklace
Leafy Silver Necklace-Leafy Silver Necklace, Lemon citrine, pyrite, fresh water pearl
Leafy Silver Necklace

Nolan Necklace-Nolan Necklace, Smoky quartz, beer quartz, lemon citrine, Swarovski crystal, chrome diopside, gold-filled chain
Nolan Necklace

Good Luck Opal Necklace-Good Luck Opal Necklace, Cloudy quartz, fresh water pearl, ametrine, rose quartz, opalite, glass, gold-filled chain
Good Luck Opal Necklace

Good Luck Pyrite Necklace-Good Luck Pyrite Necklace, Pyrite, cloudy quartz, fresh water pearl, apatite, smoky quartz, ametrine, aquamarine, gold-filled chain
Good Luck Pyrite Necklace

Good Luck Tiger Necklace-Good Luck Tiger Necklace, Cloudy quartz, pyrite, tiger’s eye, ametrine, citrine, gold-filled chain
Good Luck Tiger Necklace

Caramel Cream Necklace-Caramel Cream Necklace, Gold-plated drusy, citrine, glass, agate
Caramel Cream Necklace

Blue Cat Necklace-Blue Cat Necklace, Smoky quartz, hessonite, aquamarine, ametrine, fiber optic cat’s eye, quartz, crystal
Blue Cat Necklace

Dragon Necklace-Dragon Necklace, Dragon skin Agate, citrine, fire agate, charoite
Dragon Necklace

Lavendurite Necklace-Lavendurite Necklace
Lavendurite Necklace

Plum Citron Necklace-Plum Citron Necklace, rock crystal, Swarovski pearl, howalite, cracked agate, fire agate, gold-plated chain
Plum Citron Necklace

Cirque Necklace-Cirque Necklace, Rock crystal, onyx, dragon skin agate, candy jade, sunstone, smoky quartz, cracked agate, citrine, glass
Cirque Necklace

Falliage Necklace-Falliage Necklace, Dragon skin agate, fire agate, jade, wood, onyx, rock crystal, carnelian
Falliage Necklace

Red Hot Necklace-Red Hot Necklace, Crystal. Spinnel, apatite
Red Hot Necklace

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