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Perlita Necklace-Perlita Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, mystic quartz, gold-filled chain
Perlita Necklace
Perla Necklace-Perla Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, mystic quartz, gold-filled chain
Perla Necklace
Blithe Necklace-Blithe Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, malachite, moonstone, spinnel, rhodocrosite, tourmalinated quartz, pyrite, tigers eye, chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Blithe Necklace
Up In Smoke Necklace-Up In Smoke Necklace, Smoky quartz, labradorite
Up In Smoke Necklace

Mineral Necklace-Mineral Necklace, Amethyst, buffalo bone, mystic petersite, spinnel, amazonite
Mineral Necklace
Snow Angel Necklace-Snow Angel Necklace, Rhodocrosite, fresh-water pearl, nylon seedbead
Snow Angel Necklace
Tiffany Necklace-Tiffany Necklace, Tiffany stone, gold-filled chain
Tiffany Necklace
Down Deep Necklace-Down Deep Necklace, Labradorite, lapis, pyrite
Down Deep Necklace
Arrowhead Necklace-Arrowhead Necklace,  Obsidian, blue tiger’s eye, pyrite, aquamarine
Arrowhead Necklace

Twinkle Bar Necklace-Twinkle Bar Necklace, Drusy, lapis, gold-filled chain
Twinkle Bar Necklace
Squared Away Necklace-Squared Away Necklace, Gold-filled chain, pyrite, rock crystal
Squared Away Necklace
Titanium Dust Necklace-Titanium Dust Necklace, Titanium-coated drusy, silver, gold-filled chain
Titanium Dust Necklace
Energy Necklace-Energy Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Energy Necklace
Amethyst Stalactite Necklace-Amethyst Stalactite Necklace, Amethyst stalactite, pyrite, calcite
Amethyst Stalactite Necklace

Mauve Dust Necklace-Mauve Dust Necklace, Jaspar, agate
Mauve Dust Necklace

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