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Chocolate Mint Necklace-Chocolate Mint Necklace, Howalite, ruby zoisite, mango calcite, agate drusy
Chocolate Mint Necklace
Salt of the Earth Necklace-Salt of the Earth Necklace, Drusy
Salt of the Earth Necklace
Moonshine Necklace-Moonshine Necklace, Moonstone
Moonshine Necklace
Drape Necklace-Drape Necklace, Gold-filled chain, rutilated quartz
Drape Necklace
You're still my Sunshine Necklace-You're still my Sunshine Necklace
You're still my Sunshine Necklace
Aurora Necklace-Aurora Necklace, Chrysoprase, spinnel
Aurora Necklace
Beryl Drusy Mala-Beryl Drusy Mala
Beryl Drusy Mala
Stormy Ocean Necklace-Stormy Ocean Necklace, Aquamarine, pyrite, lemon quartz
Stormy Ocean Necklace
Blue Fall Necklace-Blue Fall Necklace
Blue Fall Necklace
Moss Cascade Necklace-Moss Cascade Necklace, Moss amethyst, chalcedony, rutilated quartz
Moss Cascade Necklace
Blue Desert Necklace-Blue Desert Necklace, Pyrite, aquamarine, glass, mookite
Blue Desert Necklace
Crystal Gold Necklace-Crystal Gold Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-foil quartz
Crystal Gold Necklace
Honey Bee Necklace-Honey Bee Necklace
Honey Bee Necklace
Seawater Necklace-Seawater Necklace, Amazonite, spinnel, aquamarine, lemon quartz, pyrite
Seawater Necklace
Pennia Necklace-Pennia Necklace
Pennia Necklace
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