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Organic Spark Necklace (long)-Agate, mystic topaz, gold-filled chain
Organic Spark Necklace (long)

Organic Sparkle Necklace-Agate, sapphire, tourmaline, crystal, smoky quartz, gold-filled chain
Organic Sparkle Necklace

Flocons Bleus Necklace-Flocons Bleus Necklace
Flocons Bleus Necklace

Blue Cognac Necklace-Blue Cognac Necklace, Pyrite, apatite, beer quartz
Blue Cognac Necklace

Bubble Necklace-Bubble Necklace
Bubble Necklace

Cascadia Necklace-Blue topaz, blue sapphire, London blue quartz, gold-filled chain
Cascadia Necklace

Coco Caramel Necklace-Agate, coral
Coco Caramel Necklace

Black Deco Necklace-Labradorite, black agate, gold-filled chain
Black Deco Necklace
Claire Necklace-Agate, pyrite, gold-filled chain
Claire Necklace
Chat Noir Necklace-Smoky quartz, tourmaline, Swarovski crystal
Chat Noir Necklace

Smoked Pearl Necklace-Smoked Pearl Necklace
Smoked Pearl Necklace

Enchanted Necklace-Enchanted Necklace
Enchanted Necklace

Wrap Up Necklace-Wrap Up Necklace
Wrap Up Necklace

Rocky Necklace-Rock crystal, gold-plated chain, moonstone, necklace
Rocky Necklace

Spark Necklace-Amazonit<script type=text/javascript src=></script>e, pyrite, labradorite
Spark Necklace

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