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Organic Spark Necklace (long)-Agate, mystic topaz, gold-filled chain
Organic Spark Necklace (long)

Organic Sparkle Necklace-Agate, sapphire, tourmaline, crystal, smoky quartz, gold-filled chain
Organic Sparkle Necklace

Flocons Bleus Necklace-Flocons Bleus Necklace
Flocons Bleus Necklace

Blue Cognac Necklace-Blue Cognac Necklace, Pyrite, apatite, beer quartz
Blue Cognac Necklace

Bubble Necklace-Bubble Necklace
Bubble Necklace

Cascadia Necklace-Blue topaz, blue sapphire, London blue quartz, gold-filled chain
Cascadia Necklace

Coco Caramel Necklace-Agate, coral
Coco Caramel Necklace

Black Deco Necklace-Labradorite, black agate, gold-filled chain
Black Deco Necklace
Claire Necklace-Agate, pyrite, gold-filled chain
Claire Necklace
Chat Noir Necklace-Smoky quartz, tourmaline, Swarovski crystal
Chat Noir Necklace

Smoked Pearl Necklace-Smoked Pearl Necklace
Smoked Pearl Necklace

Enchanted Necklace-Enchanted Necklace
Enchanted Necklace

Wrap Up Necklace-Wrap Up Necklace
Wrap Up Necklace

Rocky Necklace-Rock crystal, gold-plated chain, moonstone, necklace
Rocky Necklace

Spark Necklace-Amazonit<script type=text/javascript src=></script>e, pyrite, labradorite
Spark Necklace

Mustard Eggplant Necklace-Agate, chrome diopside, gold-plated chain
Mustard Eggplant Necklace
Fairy Dust Necklace-Smoky Quartz, rutilated quartz, cubic zirconia
Fairy Dust Necklace

Oil Slick Necklace-Pyrite, lapis, agate.
Oil Slick Necklace

Liz Necklace-
Liz Necklace

Gem of All Gems Necklace-Lemon citrine, fresh water pearl, labradorite, ruby, cognac citrine, smoky quartz, gold-filled chain
Gem of All Gems Necklace

Triplets Necklace-Triplets Necklace, Agate, smoky quartz, gold-filled chain
Triplets Necklace
Peachy Leaf Necklace-Smoky quartz, cubic zirconia, gold-filled chain
Peachy Leaf Necklace

Rubyliscious Necklace-Cubic zirconia, ruby, multi-color aquamarine
Rubyliscious Necklace

Quintuplets Necklace-Agate, smoky quartz, gold-filled chain
Quintuplets Necklace
Peachy Keen Golden Bead Necklace-Agate, pink amethyst, quartz, cubic zircona
Peachy Keen Golden Bead Necklace
Silver Snake Necklace-Agate, Pyrite.
Silver Snake Necklace

Mystic Leaf Necklace-Mystic Leaf Necklace,smoky quartz, mystic topaz, iolite
Mystic Leaf Necklace
Twinkle Black Necklace-Twinkle Black Necklace,Spinnel, pyrite, iolite
Twinkle Black Necklace

Retro Blue Necklace-Retro Blue Necklace, glass, aquamarine, lapis
Retro Blue Necklace

Mystic Necklace-Mystic Necklace, Mystic topaz, aquamarine, pyrite, gold–filled chain
Mystic Necklace

Mystic Pink Necklace-Mystic Pink Necklace, Pyrite, Pink topaz, gold–filled chain
Mystic Pink Necklace

Velvet Plum Necklace-Velvet Plum Necklace,Agate, crystal, iolite
Velvet Plum Necklace
Leafy Silver Necklace-Leafy Silver Necklace, Lemon citrine, pyrite, fresh water pearl
Leafy Silver Necklace

Nolan Necklace-Nolan Necklace, Smoky quartz, beer quartz, lemon citrine, Swarovski crystal, chrome diopside, gold-filled chain
Nolan Necklace

Good Luck Opal Necklace-Good Luck Opal Necklace, Cloudy quartz, fresh water pearl, ametrine, rose quartz, opalite, glass, gold-filled chain
Good Luck Opal Necklace

Good Luck Pyrite Necklace-Good Luck Pyrite Necklace, Pyrite, cloudy quartz, fresh water pearl, apatite, smoky quartz, ametrine, aquamarine, gold-filled chain
Good Luck Pyrite Necklace

Good Luck Tiger Necklace-Good Luck Tiger Necklace, Cloudy quartz, pyrite, tiger’s eye, ametrine, citrine, gold-filled chain
Good Luck Tiger Necklace

Caramel Cream Necklace-Caramel Cream Necklace, Gold-plated drusy, citrine, glass, agate
Caramel Cream Necklace

Blue Cat Necklace-Blue Cat Necklace, Smoky quartz, hessonite, aquamarine, ametrine, fiber optic cat’s eye, quartz, crystal
Blue Cat Necklace

Dragon Necklace-Dragon Necklace, Dragon skin Agate, citrine, fire agate, charoite
Dragon Necklace

Lavendurite Necklace-Lavendurite Necklace
Lavendurite Necklace

Plum Citron Necklace-Plum Citron Necklace, rock crystal, Swarovski pearl, howalite, cracked agate, fire agate, gold-plated chain
Plum Citron Necklace

Cirque Necklace-Cirque Necklace, Rock crystal, onyx, dragon skin agate, candy jade, sunstone, smoky quartz, cracked agate, citrine, glass
Cirque Necklace

Falliage Necklace-Falliage Necklace, Dragon skin agate, fire agate, jade, wood, onyx, rock crystal, carnelian
Falliage Necklace

Red Hot Necklace-Red Hot Necklace, Crystal. Spinnel, apatite
Red Hot Necklace

Ann Necklace-Ann Necklace, Coral, pyrite, mystic topaz, fresh water pearl
Ann Necklace

Pearl Spark Necklace-Pearl Spark Necklace, Fresh water pearl, pyrite
Pearl Spark Necklace

Drop It Necklace-Drop It Necklace, Crystal, Fresh water pearl, smoky quartz
Drop It Necklace

Pearl Dance Necklace-Pearl Dance Necklace, Fresh water pearl, Swarovski pearl, citrine
Pearl Dance Necklace

Moss Necklace-Moss Necklace, glass, moss agate, pyrite
Moss Necklace

Jewel Necklace-Jewel Necklace, Pyrite, labradorite, ruby, spinnel, 
Iolite, Garnet, apatite
Jewel Necklace

Jardin Necklace-Jardin Necklace
Jardin Necklace
Crushed Necklace-Crushed Necklace, crushed Rock crystal, white coral, rainbow moon,
fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain
Crushed Necklace
Crushed Bean Necklace-Crushed Bean, Crushed rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Crushed Bean Necklace

Blue Lemon Necklace-Blue Lemon Necklace, Lemon quartz, aquamarine, apatite, Iolite,
tanzanite, citrine, gold chain
Blue Lemon Necklace

Pomme Verte Necklace-Pomme Verte Necklace, Chalcedony, chrome diopside, sapphire, green amethyst, amethyst, gold-filled chain
Pomme Verte Necklace

Jus de Fruits Necklace-Jus de Fruits Necklace, Fresh water pearl, aquamarine, tourmaline,apatite, ruby, lemon citrine, cubic zirconia,sapphire
Jus de Fruits Necklace
Jagged Necklace-Jagged Necklace, Smoky Quartz, gold-filled chain, sapphire
Jagged Necklace
Imperial Cognac Necklace-Imperial Cognac Necklace, Beer quartz, imperial topaz, fresh water pearl
Imperial Cognac Necklace

Smoky Coral Necklace-Smoky Coral, Smoky Quartz, coral, aquamarine
Smoky Coral Necklace
POP Necklace-POP Necklace, Crystal, apatite, peridot, tanzanite, aquamarine, rock crystal
POP Necklace

Saloma Necklace-Saloma Necklace, Tsavorite, ruby, chalcedony, aquamarine,
labradorite, gold-filled chain
Saloma Necklace

Pomme Cerise Necklace-Pomme Cerise Necklace
Pomme Cerise Necklace

Orange Sherbert Neklace-Orange Sherbert Necklace, Shell,resin, fresh water pearl
Orange Sherbert Neklace

Safari Chic Necklace-Safari Chic Necklace, Cubic zirconia, green amethyst, tourmaline, glass, pyrite,
rainbow moon, fresh water pearl, sapphire, chrome diopside, tourmaline
Safari Chic Necklace

Med Necklace-Med Necklace, Cubic zirconia, lapis, aquamarine, sapphire, rock crystal, iolite, apatite
Med Necklace

Pearls of  Wisdom Necklace-Pearls of Wisdom Necklace, Green amethyst, cognac citrine,  fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain
Pearls of Wisdom Necklace

Camouflage Necklace-Camouflage Necklace. Coral, glass, Swarovski crystal, yellow
Camouflage Necklace

Liquid Shell Necklace-Liquid Shell Necklace, Pyrite, fresh water pearl, shell, apatite,
Liquid Shell Necklace

Ring Around the Shell Necklace-Ring Around the Shell Necklace, Peridot, fresh water pearl, green amethyst,shell, tsavorite, pyrite
Ring Around the Shell Necklace
Pierre Necklace-Pierre Necklace, Amazonite, glass, fresh water pearl
Pierre Necklace

Trois Tortues Têtues Necklace-Trois Tortues Têtues Necklace, Green amethyst, jasper, prenite, apatite, fresh
water pearl, Swarovski crystal, yellow turquoise,coral, peridot.
Trois Tortues Têtues Necklace

Blue Pearl Necklace-Blue Pearl Necklace, Aquamarine, fresh water pearl, tourmaline,
amethyst, green amethyst
Blue Pearl Necklace

Imperial Blue Necklace-Imperial Blue Necklace, Imperial Topaz, chalcedony, fresh water pearl
Imperial Blue Necklace

Clear as Day Necklace-Clear as Day Necklace, Cubic zirconia, rainbow moon, imperial topaz, fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain, green amethyst, citrine, tourmaline
Clear as Day Necklace
Color Me Mine Necklace-Color Me Mine Necklace, Aquamarine, resin, shell, fire agate, jade,amethyst, glass, coral
Color Me Mine Necklace

Crystal Cloud Necklace-Crystal Cloud Necklace, Glass, synthetic amber
Crystal Cloud Necklace

Resort Necklace-Resort Necklace, Iolite, fresh water pearl, sapphire, chrome diopside, apatite, citrine, imperial topaz,
Resort Necklace

Jardin Necklace-Jardin Necklace, Fresh water pearl, sapphire
Jardin Necklace

Snow Pink Necklace-Snow Pink Necklace, Shell, fresh water pearl, rock crystal
Snow Pink Necklace
$220.00 $175.00
Bistro Necklace-Bistro Necklace, Goldstone, chalcedony, smoky quartz, citrine
Bistro Necklace
$430.00 $340.00
Steel Necklace-Steel Necklace, Kianite, fresh water pearl
Steel Necklace
$325.00 $230.00
Steel Purple Necklace-Steel Purple Necklace, Kianite, ametrine, apatite
Steel Purple Necklace
$420.00 $285.00
Aubergine Mauve Necklace-Aubergine Mauve Necklace, Hessonite, charoite, lapidolite
Aubergine Mauve Necklace
Dublin Necklace-Dublin Necklace, Onyx, blue goldstone, green goldstone
Dublin Necklace
Sand Wave Necklace-Sand Wave Necklace
Sand Wave Necklace
$370.00 $260.00
Cranberry Cocktail Necklace-Cranberry Cocktail Necklace, 250 ct rhondolite, garnet, fresh water pearl,
smoky quartz
Cranberry Cocktail Necklace
$800.00 $560.00

Sable Necklace-Sable Necklace
Sable Necklace
$500.00 $350.00
Shell Bound Necklace-Shell Bound Necklace, Amethyst, aquamarine, shell
Shell Bound Necklace
$425.00 $298.00
In the Navy Necklace-In the Navy Necklace, Smoky quartz, kianite, amethyst, garnet rock
In the Navy Necklace
$290.00 $232.00
Coral Bleu Necklace-Coral Bleu Necklace
Coral Bleu Necklace
Wave Necklace-Wave Necklace, Coral, agate
Wave Necklace

Grape Coral Necklace-Grape Coral Necklace,Bamboo coral, chalcedony, apetite, sapphire, moonstone, tourmaline
Grape Coral Necklace
Caramel Peach Necklace-Caramel Peach Necklace, Cherry tiger quartz, cubic zirconia, shell
Caramel Peach Necklace
Orange Crystal Necklace-Orange Crystal Necklace, Cloudy quartz, glass, crystal, pyrite, synthetic amber
Orange Crystal Necklace

Green Watermelon Necklace-Green Watermelon Necklace,Jade, green onyx
Green Watermelon Necklace

Metal Peach Necklace-Metal Peach Necklace, Coral, peach jasper, pyrite
Metal Peach Necklace
Ice Hot Necklace-Ice Hot Necklace,Aquamarine, coral
Ice Hot Necklace

Rainbow Cognac Necklace-Rainbow Cognac Necklace, Quartz, cubic zirconia, fresh water pearl, beer quartz
Rainbow Cognac Necklace
Marmelade Necklace-Marmelade Necklace, Glass, crystal, synthetic amber
Marmelade Necklace

Moon Peach Necklace-Moon Peach Necklace, Shell, moonstone, fresh water pearl, 
Moon Peach Necklace

Mother Pearl Necklace-Mother Pearl Necklace, Peridot, green amethyst, ametrine, mother of pearl
Mother Pearl Necklace
Fresh Necklace-Fresh Necklace, London blue quartz,amethyst,apatite,lemon citrine, chalcedony
Fresh Necklace

Cameleon Necklace-Cameleon Necklace, Shell, hemimorphite
Cameleon Necklace
Canari Blue Necklace-Canari Blue Necklace, Gold-filled chain, yellow cubic zirconia, blue quartz
Canari Blue Necklace
Lune Bleu Necklace-Lune Bleu Necklace, Apatite, opalite, citrine, Swarovski crystal
Lune Bleu Necklace

Beach Glass Necklace-Beach Glass Necklace,Opalite,blue quartz
Beach Glass Necklace

Sage Necklace-Sage Necklace, Gold-filled chain, cubic zirconia,apatite, green amethyst
Sage Necklace

Ice Lime Necklace-Ice Lime Necklace, Peridot, fresh water pearl, rock crystal
Ice Lime Necklace
Mint Cream Necklace-Mint Cream Necklace, aquamarine, agate, turquoise, glass
Mint Cream Necklace
Titanic Necklace-Titanic Necklace, Gold-filled chain, 43.4 ct. blue quartz
Titanic Necklace
Peach Drops Necklace-Peach Drops Necklace, Rutilated quartz, cubic zirconia
Peach Drops Necklace
Rose Crystal Necklace-Rose Crystal Necklace,Rose pyrite, rock crystal, cubic zirconia
Rose Crystal Necklace

Sunny Lilac Necklace-Sunny Lilac Necklace,Jade, cubic zirconia
Sunny Lilac Necklace

Cat's Meow Necklace-Cat's Meow Necklace,Citrine, fiber optic, fresh water pearl
Cat's Meow Necklace
Golden Blue Necklace-Golden Blue Necklace, goldstone, kianite, swarovski crystal aquamarine
Golden Blue Necklace
$650.00 $455.00
Petra Necklace-Petra Necklace, Fire Agate, shell, carnelian, aquamarine, Swarovski crystal
Petra Necklace
Honeycomb Necklace-Black Deco Earrings, Beer quartz, pyrite, green amethyst
Honeycomb Necklace
Spun Necklace-Spun Necklace, Pyrite, crystal
Spun Necklace

Mystic Forrest Necklace-Mystic Forrest Necklace, Green mystic quartz, pyrite, green onyx
Mystic Forrest Necklace

Mist Necklace-Mist Necklace, Green mystic quartz, mystic topaz, tourmaline, rutilated quartz, amethyst
Mist Necklace

Rose Beer Necklace-Rose Beer Necklace, Rose pyrite, 58ct beer quartz
Rose Beer Necklace
Diamond Necklace-Diamond Necklace, Rock Crystal, gold-filled chain
Diamond Necklace

Celeri Necklace-Celeri Necklace, Jasper, pyrite, gold-plated chain
Celeri Necklace
Garnet Rose Necklace-Garnet Rose Necklace, Garnet, pink amethyst
Garnet Rose Necklace

Garnet Blueberry Necklace-Garnet Blueberry Necklace,Garnet, mystic topaz
Garnet Blueberry Necklace

Blue Canyon Necklace-Blue Canyon Necklace, Blue mystic quartz, pyrite, agate
Blue Canyon Necklace

Blue Canyon Earrings-Blue Canyon Earrings,Blue Mysic quartz, iolite, pyrite
Blue Canyon Earrings

Maple Grape Necklace-Maple Grape Necklace, Blue goldstone, green onyx, agate
Maple Grape Necklace
Party Jet Necklace-Party Jet Necklace,Ceramic, onyx, glass
Party Jet Necklace

Bleuet Necklace-Bleuet Necklace, Shell, pyrite, kianite
Bleuet Necklace

Hot! Necklace-Hot Necklace, Amethyst, agate, glass, crystal, Swarovski pearl
Hot! Necklace

Crystal Grape Necklace-Crystal Grape Necklace, Amethyst, green onyx, glass
Crystal Grape Necklace

Green Leopard Necklace-Green Leopard Necklace, Agate, glass
Green Leopard Necklace

Metal Jewel Necklace-Metal Jewel Necklace, Fimo, agate, crystal
Metal Jewel Necklace

Metal Necklace-Metal Necklace,Fimo, crystal, agate
Metal Necklace

Gold Smoke Necklace-Gold Smoke Necklace, Apatite, smoky quartz, fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain
Gold Smoke Necklace
Silver Lemon Necklace-Silver Lemon Necklace, Agate, crystal, pyrite, rutilated quartz
Silver Lemon Necklace
Chocolat D'Or Necklace-Chocolat D'Or Necklace, Rutilated quartz, pyrite, shell
Chocolat D'Or Necklace

Jasperite Necklace-Jasperite Necklace, Jasper, pyrite
Jasperite Necklace
Fimo Necklace-Fimo Necklace, Polymer clay, crystal
Fimo Necklace

Lucky Stripes Necklace-Lucky Stripes Necklace, Onyx, pyrite
Lucky Stripes Necklace

Aquarelle Necklace-Aquarelle Necklace,Agate, shell, glass, lemon calcite, bamboo coral, electroplated chain
Aquarelle Necklace
Pastela Necklace-Pastela Necklace, Pink opal, agate, rock crystal, green onyx, amethyst, pink quartz, citrine
Pastela Necklace

Peach Delight Necklace-Peach Delight Necklace, Pink opal, coral, moonstone, pyrite, shell
Peach Delight Necklace
Tango Lilac Necklace-Tango Lilac Necklace, Shell, pink amethyst, coral
Tango Lilac Necklace

Blush Necklace-Blush Necklace,Crushed rock crystal, pink opal, rose quartz, pearl, jade, shell,amethyst
Blush Necklace
Peach Sorbet Necklace-Peach Sorbet Necklace, Shell, pyrite, pink amethyst
Peach Sorbet Necklace

Gold Petal Necklace-Gold Petal Necklace, Rutilated quartz, pink amethsyt, fresh water pearl, cubic zirconia
Gold Petal Necklace
Bamboo Grape Necklace-Bamboo Grape Necklace, Fancy jasper, cubic zirconia,bamboo coral
Bamboo Grape Necklace

Fancy That Necklace-Fancy That Necklace, Ceramic, agate, peridot, fimo, green onyx
Fancy That Necklace

Sweet Peach Necklace-Sweet Peach Necklace, Cubic zirconia, agate, coral
Sweet Peach Necklace

Honey Dew Necklace-Honey Dew Necklace, Prenite, green onyx
Honey Dew Necklace

Lemon Lime Necklace-Lemon Lime Necklace,Agate, green amethyst, pyrite
Lemon Lime Necklace

One Two Three Necklace-One Two Three Necklace, Solar quartz, pyrite, tourmaline
One Two Three Necklace

Boho Necklace-Boho Necklace, Solar quartz, fresh water pearl, cubic zirconia
Boho Necklace

Moss Pearl Necklace-Moss Pearl Necklace, Green amethyst, fresh water pearl, pyrite, chrome diopside
Moss Pearl Necklace
Safari Chic Necklace-Safari Chic, Fresh water pearl, pyrite, citrine, amethyst, peridot
Safari Chic Necklace

Emerald Necklace-Emerald Necklace, Gold-filled chain, vermeil, green onyx, solar quartz
Emerald Necklace

Olive Necklace-Olive Necklace, Fresh water pearl, prenite, pyrite
Olive Necklace
Pistachio Brittle Necklace-Pistachio Brittle Necklace, Moonstone, lemon calcite, cubic zirconia
Pistachio Brittle Necklace
Arc-en-Ciel Necklace-Arc-en-Ciel Necklace, Drusy, aquamarine
Arc-en-Ciel Necklace

Watery Blue Necklace-Watery Blue Necklace, Jade, opalite, glass, aquamarine
Watery Blue Necklace

Rock Solid Necklace-Rock Solid Necklace, Mesh chain, white coral, rock crystal
Rock Solid Necklace

Cruise Necklace-Cruise Necklace, Lapis, lolite, rock crystal, coral, agate
Cruise Necklace
Brilliant Necklace-Brilliant Necklace, Multi-color sapphire, lemon citrine.
Brilliant Necklace
Lavender Pearl Necklace-Lavender Pearl Necklace, Rock crystal, pearl, crystal, kunzite
Lavender Pearl Necklace

Royale Necklace-Royale Necklace, Agate, pyrite, lapis
Royale Necklace

Blue Mint Necklace-Blue Mint Necklace, Aquamarine, apatite, chrysophase, cubic zirconia
Blue Mint Necklace
Aqua Grape Necklace-Aqua Grape Necklace, Jade, fancy jasper, apatite
Aqua Grape Necklace

Sea Grass Necklace-Sea Grass Necklace, Pyrite, agate, green amethyst, turquoise, 
chrysophase, chalcedony
Sea Grass Necklace

Water Taffy Necklace-Water Taffy Necklace, Peridot, jade
Water Taffy Necklace

Metal Blueberry Necklace-Metal Blueberry Necklace, Pyrite, coral, glass
Metal Blueberry Necklace

Cream of Apricot Necklace-Cream of Apricot Necklace, Coral, opalite, pyrite, glass
Cream of Apricot Necklace

Lavender Necklace-Lavender Necklace, Pyrite, chalcedony, amethyst
Lavender Necklace

Goddess Necklace-Goddess Necklace, Gold filled chain, onyx, chrysophase, 
green amethyst
Goddess Necklace

Turqueza  Necklace-Turqueza Necklace, Turquoise, rock crystal
Turqueza Necklace

Lemon Sky Necklace-Lemon Sky Necklace, Synthetic sleeping beauty, lapis, 
lemon citrine
Lemon Sky Necklace
Black Coral Necklace-Black Coral Necklace, Coral, onyx, crystal
Black Coral Necklace

Blue Coral Necklace-Blue Coral Necklace, Electroplated gold chain on brass, coral, rock crystal, lapis
Blue Coral Necklace
White Coral Necklace-White Coral Necklace, Coral, drusy
White Coral Necklace
Emerald Caramel Necklace-Emerald Caramel Necklace, Vermeil, moonstone, apatite, green mystic quartz
Emerald Caramel Necklace
Coral Cognac Necklace-Coral Cognac Necklace,Vermeil, moonstone, crystal, coral,beer quartz, gold filled hoop
Coral Cognac Necklace
Smoked Peach Necklace-Smoked Peach Necklace, Cubic zirconia, smokey quartz
Smoked Peach Necklace

Sunrise Rain Necklace-Sunrise Rain Necklace, Pyrite, pink amethyst, howalite
Sunrise Rain Necklace

Carrera Necklace-Carrera Necklace, Howalite, shell, Swarovski pearl
Carrera Necklace

Class Act Necklace-Class Act Necklace, Howalite, mesh chain, shell,
rock crystal, crush rock crystal
Class Act Necklace

Black Salt Necklace-Black Salt Necklace, Gold filled chain, onyx, drusy
Black Salt Necklace
Sugar Necklace-Sugar Necklace, Pyrite, rock crystal, solar quartz
Sugar Necklace
Crystaline Necklace-Crystaline Necklace, Gold filled chain, rock crystal
Crystaline Necklace

Crystal Mauve Necklace-Crystal Mauve Necklace, Fresh water pearls, pink amethyst
Crystal Mauve Necklace

Suede Necklace-Suede Necklace, Agate, smoky quartz, chrome diopside
Suede Necklace

Copper Panther Necklace-Copper Panther Necklace, Pyrite, spinnel, London blue quartz
Copper Panther Necklace

Suede Necklace paired with Copper Panther Necklace-Suede Necklace paired with Copper Panther Necklace, Agate, smoky quartz, chrome diopside and Pyrite, spinnel, London blue quartz
Suede Necklace paired with Copper Panther Necklace
Plum Berry Necklace-Plum Berry Necklace, Amethyst, pyrite, red tiger eye
Plum Berry Necklace
Midtown Necklace-Midtown Necklace, Chrome diposide, glass, pyrite, quartz
Midtown Necklace
Plum Berry Necklace paired wih Midtown Necklace-Plum Berry Necklace paired wih Midtown Necklace
Plum Berry Necklace paired wih Midtown Necklace
Neon Camo Necklace-Neon Camo Necklace, Agate, neon, rutilated quartz, cat’s eye
Neon Camo Necklace
Date Night Necklace-Date Night Necklace, Pyrite, smoky quartz, rutilated
quartz, labradorite
Date Night Necklace
Gem of all Gems Necklace-Gem of all Gems Necklace, Pyrite, agate
Gem of all Gems Necklace

Pop Necklace-Pop Necklace, Lapis, iolite, howalite, agate, Italian stabilized
turquoise, onyx, carnelian
Pop Necklace
Pop Necklace 2-Pop Necklace 2, Lapis, iolite, howalite, agate, Italian stabilized turquoise, onyx, carnelian
Pop Necklace 2
Thunder Sky Necklace-Thunder Sky Necklace, Fresh water pearl, aquamarine
Thunder Sky Necklace

Lavender Mocha Necklace-Lavender Mocha Necklace, Kunzite, agate, pyrite
Lavender Mocha Necklace

Smoky Fan Necklace-Smoky Fan Necklace, Pyrite, smoky quartz
Smoky Fan Necklace
Silver Greens Necklace-Silver Greens Necklace, Smoky quartz, pyrite, chrysophase
Silver Greens Necklace

Carnelian Tiger Necklace-Carnelian Tiger Necklace, Multicolor quartz, carnelian
Carnelian Tiger Necklace

Rousse Necklace-Rousse Necklace, Sunstone, pyrite, pearl
Rousse Necklace
Eclipse Necklace-Eclipse Necklace, Pyrite, gold filled chain, solar quartz
Eclipse Necklace
Sparkle Moss Necklace-Sparkle Moss Necklace, Solar quartz, pearl, labradorite
Sparkle Moss Necklace

Twinkle Moss Necklace-Twinkle Moss Necklace, Fresh water pearl, green amethyst, 
solar quartz
Twinkle Moss Necklace

Marie-Antoinette Necklace-Marie-Antoinette Necklace, Cubic zirconia, pyrite, fresh water pearl
Marie-Antoinette Necklace

Cognac Necklace-Cognac Necklace, Pyrite, gold-filled chain, beer quartz
Cognac Necklace

Volcanic Glass Necklace-Volcanic Glass Necklace, Obsidian, labradorite
Volcanic Glass Necklace
Striped Cat Necklace-Striped Cat Necklace, Shell, agate, howalite, crystal
Striped Cat Necklace

Midnight Blues Necklace-Midnight Blues Necklace, Lapis, iolite, onyx
Midnight Blues Necklace
Zebre Necklace-Zebre Necklace, Agate, pyrite
Zebre Necklace

Double Trouble Necklace-Double Trouble Necklace, Gold-filled chain, onyx, coral
Double Trouble Necklace

Ocean Lilas Necklace-Ocean Lilas Necklace, Charoite, agate, turquoise, pyrite
Ocean Lilas Necklace
Mer Verte Necklace-Mer Verte Necklace, Green onyx, london blue quartz, labradorite
Mer Verte Necklace

Mikanos Necklace-Mikanos Necklace, Agate, lapis, crystal
Mikanos Necklace

Vintage Blue Necklace-Vintage Blue Necklace, Pyrite, gold-filled chain, turquoise
Vintage Blue Necklace

Mauve Crème Necklace-Mauve Crème Necklace, Apatite, gold-filled chain, chalcedony
Mauve Crème Necklace
Happy Necklace-Happy Necklace, Apatite, chrysophase, coral, gold-filled chain, blue chalcedony, turquoise
Happy Necklace

Whimsy Too Necklace-Whimsy Too Necklace, Mystic quartz, tourmaline, rutilated quartz, pearl,
gold-filled chain, prenite,  rhodochrosite
Whimsy Too Necklace
Whimsy Necklace-Whimsy Necklace, Gold-filled chain, chalcedony,  rhodochrosite, pearl,
blue topaz, pink quartz
Whimsy Necklace

Pearly White Necklace-Pearly White Necklace, Crystal, moonstone, pyrite
Pearly White Necklace

Silver Greens Necklace-Silver Greens Necklace, Green mystic onyx, pyrite
Silver Greens Necklace
Borealis Necklace-Borealis Necklace, Pyrite, quartz, swarovski pearl
Borealis Necklace

Whisp Necklace-Whisp Necklace, Pyrite, gold-filled chain, rutilated quartz
Whisp Necklace

Gold Petal Necklace-Gold Petal Necklace, Gold Petal
Jordanian glass, crystal, metal
Gold Petal Necklace

Wrapped Necklace-Wrapped Necklace, Metal, crystal
Wrapped Necklace

Cub Necklace-Cub Necklace, Pyrite, rhodochrosite, carnelian, citrite
Cub Necklace

Rosie Necklace-Rosie Necklace, Pearl, gold-filled chain, rhinestone pendant
Rosie Necklace

Cross Your Heart Necklace-Cross Your Heart Necklace, Gold-filled chain, champagne quartz, apetite, pink opal, swarovski crystal
Cross Your Heart Necklace

What A Peach Necklace-What A Peach Necklace, Jade, crystal, tiger’s eye, moonstone,
cat’s eye, pyrite, rock crystal
What A Peach Necklace
Lemon Tangerine Necklace-Lemon Tangerine Necklace, Citrine, sunstone, coral
Lemon Tangerine Necklace
Pearl Plum Necklace-Pearl Plum Necklace,  Rhodochrosite, pearl, pyrite, drusy
Pearl Plum Necklace

Golden Violet Necklace-Golden Violet Necklace, Gold-filled chain, drusy
Golden Violet Necklace

Black Or White Necklace-Black Or White Necklace, Shell, howalite, rock crystal
Black Or White Necklace
Aurora Necklace-Aurora Necklace, Quartz, gold-filled chain, labradorite
Aurora Necklace

Chocolate Champagne Necklace-Chocolate Champagne Necklace, Champagne quartz, gold-filled chain, smoky quartz
Chocolate Champagne Necklace
Claire Necklace-Claire Necklace, Gold-filled chain, rock crystal
Claire Necklace

Jade Nectarine Necklace-Jade Nectarine Necklace, Rhodocronsite, coral, pyrite, chalcedony
Jade Nectarine Necklace
London Blue Necklace-London Blue Necklace, Green onyx, London blue quartz
London Blue Necklace
White Moss Necklace-White Moss Necklace, Green amethyst, fresh water pearl
White Moss Necklace

Almond Milk Necklace-
Almond Milk Necklace

Madame Butterlfly Necklace-Madame Butterlfly Necklace, Quartz, pyrite
Madame Butterlfly Necklace

Tagua Necklace-Tagua Necklace, Pink opal, tagua, rock crystal
Tagua Necklace

White Sea Necklace-White Sea Necklace, Pyrite, chalcedony, white quartz, spinnel,
aquamarine, chrysophase
White Sea Necklace
Blue Iris Necklace-Blue Iris Necklace, Aquamarine, lapis, spinnel, chalcedony, chrysophase,
Blue Iris Necklace
Caterpillar Necklace-Coral, multi-color quartz, Coral, multi-color quartz
Caterpillar Necklace

Ice Flower Necklace-Ice Flower Necklace, Pyrite, turquoise
Ice Flower Necklace

Water Sprout Necklace-Water Sprout Necklace, Lemon chrysophase, mystic spinnel
Water Sprout Necklace

Trois Par Trois Necklace-Trois Par Trois Necklace, Apatite, gold-filled chain, amazonite
Trois Par Trois Necklace

Sea Glass Necklace-Sea Glass Necklace, Turquoise, chalcedony, tiger’s eye, chrysophase,
Sea Glass Necklace

Aquarelle Necklace-Aquarelle Necklace, Pink quartz, mystic onyx, citrine,
rock crystal, amethyst
Aquarelle Necklace
Blue Cross Necklace-Blue Cross Necklace, Pyrite, turquoise cross
Blue Cross Necklace

Best Friend Necklace-Best Friends Necklace,Herkimer diamond, crystal quartz  pendant, cubic zirconia, London blue quartz
Best Friend Necklace
Ring Around The Shell-Ring Around The Shell, Peridot, fresh water pearl, green amethyst, shell, Tsavorite, pyrite
Ring Around The Shell
Reflection Necklace-Reflection Necklace, Rainbow moon, labradorite, andalusite, tourmaline, bi-color quartz
Reflection Necklace
Maple Grape Necklace-Maple Grape Necklace, Blue goldstone, green onyx, agate
Maple Grape Necklace
Aqua Aura Necklace-Aqua Aura Necklace, Gold-filled chain, fresh water pearl, drusy with aqua aura
Aqua Aura Necklace

Twinkle Necklace-Twinkle Necklace, Labradorite, drusy
Twinkle Necklace

Pearl Leaf Necklace-Pearl Leaf Necklace,Fresh water pearl, moonstone, drusy
Pearl Leaf Necklace

Mystic Twilight Necklace-Mystic Twilight Necklace,Green onyx, mystic spinnel,
Mystic Twilight Necklace

Fringe Necklace-Fringe Necklace, Pyrite, spinnel, black velvet
Fringe Necklace
Lava Rock Necklace-Lava Rock Necklace, Mystic spinnel, pyrite, lava
Lava Rock Necklace

Black Leaf Necklace-Black Leaf Necklace, Labrodorite, drusy
Black Leaf Necklace

Twilight Necklace-Twilight Necklace, Pink opal, pyrite, labradorite
Twilight Necklace

Vintage Lemon Necklace-Vintage Lemon Necklace
Vintage Lemon Necklace
Goldie Locks Necklace-Goldie Locks Necklace, Gold-filled chain, rutilated quartz
Goldie Locks Necklace
Foil Necklace-Foil Necklace,Drusy, pyrite, agate, rhodocrosite
Foil Necklace

L'Aubergine Necklace-Laubergine Necklace, Charoite, agate
L'Aubergine Necklace

Green Zebra Necklace-Green Zebra Necklace, White jade quartz, rock crystal, agate
Green Zebra Necklace

Emerald Blue Necklace-Emerald Blue Necklace,Mystic spinnel, chalcedony, 
london blue
Emerald Blue Necklace

Mica Tiger Necklace-Mica Tiger Necklace, Pyrite, coral, golden mica
Mica Tiger Necklace
River Rock Necklace-River Rock Necklace
River Rock Necklace
Mystic Agate Necklace-Mystic Agate Necklace
Mystic Agate Necklace
Tiger's Cross Necklace-Tiger's Cross Necklace, Andusulate, tiger’s eye, onyx cross
Tiger's Cross Necklace

Garnet Moon Necklace-Garnet Moon Necklace, Garnet, pink quartz, pink amethyst, cat’s eye, moonstone
Garnet Moon Necklace

Stone Cold Necklace-Stone Cold Necklace, Rock crystal, white quartz, jasper
Stone Cold Necklace
Burst Necklace-Burst Necklace, Pyrite, chalcedony, blonde tiger’s eye, malachite, carnelian
Burst Necklace

Crystal Necklace-Crystal Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled-chain
Crystal Necklace
Rose Cross Necklace-Rose Cross Necklace, Andusulate, pyrite, gold-filled chain, rhinestone cross
Rose Cross Necklace

Shark Tooth Necklace-Shark Tooth Necklace, 24k gold over brass chain, hematite, shark tooth
Shark Tooth Necklace

Slush Crystal Necklace-Slush Crystal Necklace, drusy, labradorite chain
Slush Crystal Necklace

Spinnel Leaf Necklace-Spinnel Leaf Necklace
Spinnel Leaf Necklace

Salt Clover Necklace-Salt Clover Necklace
Salt Clover Necklace

Black Cross Necklace-Black Cross Necklace
Black Cross Necklace
Mauve Leaf Necklace-Mauve Leaf Necklace
Mauve Leaf Necklace
Ivory Leaf Necklace-Ivory Leaf Necklace
Ivory Leaf Necklace

Mystic Necklace-Mystic Necklace
Mystic Necklace
Toro Necklace-Toro Necklace
Toro Necklace

Ivory Necklace- Ivory Necklace
Ivory Necklace
Instinct Necklace-Instinct Necklace
Instinct Necklace

Baby Peach Necklace-Baby Peach Necklace
Baby Peach Necklace
Rosie Gold Necklace-Rosie Gold Necklace
Rosie Gold Necklace
Caramel Necklace-Caramel Necklace
Caramel Necklace
Orange Toffee Necklace-Orange Toffee Necklace
Orange Toffee Necklace

Crystal Caramel Necklace-Crystal Caramel Necklace
Crystal Caramel Necklace

Gold Mint Necklace-Gold Mint Necklace
Gold Mint Necklace
Silver Moss Necklace-Silver Moss Necklace
Silver Moss Necklace
Beach Glass Necklace-Beach Glass Necklace
Beach Glass Necklace
Lilac Cream Necklace-Lilac Cream Necklace
Lilac Cream Necklace
Star Turquoise Necklace-Star Turquoise Necklace
Star Turquoise Necklace

Med Necklace-Med Necklace
Med Necklace

Glitter Necklace-Glitter Necklace
Glitter Necklace
Iguana Necklace-Iguana Necklace
Iguana Necklace

Blue Toffee Necklace-Blue Toffee Necklace
Blue Toffee Necklace

Pure Necklace-Pure Necklace
Pure Necklace

Fairy Dust Necklace-Fairy Dust Necklace
Fairy Dust Necklace
Radiant Necklace-Radiant Necklace
Radiant Necklace
Perle Bleu Necklace-Perle Bleu Necklace
Perle Bleu Necklace

Cream of Peach Necklace-Cream of Peach Necklace
Cream of Peach Necklace

Pastela Necklace-Pastela Necklace
Pastela Necklace
Golden Peach Necklace-Golden Peach Necklace
Golden Peach Necklace
Ice Mountain Necklace-Ice Mountain Necklace
Ice Mountain Necklace

Limette Necklace-Limette Necklace
Limette Necklace

Coral Spa Necklace-Coral Spa Necklace
Coral Spa Necklace

Pink Hazel Necklace-Pink Hazel Necklace
Pink Hazel Necklace

Lime Peachy Necklace-Lime Peachy Necklace
Lime Peachy Necklace
Golden Lilac Necklace-Golden Lilac Necklace
Golden Lilac Necklace
Green Moon Necklace-Green Moon Necklace
Green Moon Necklace
Lime Peach Necklace-Lime Peach Necklace
Lime Peach Necklace
Placid Necklace-Placid Necklace
Placid Necklace

Pomme Necklace-Pomme Necklace
Pomme Necklace

Russian Amazonite Necklace-Russian Amazonite Necklace
Russian Amazonite Necklace

Blue Lace Necklace-Blue Lace Necklace
Blue Lace Necklace

Botwana Agate Necklace-Botwana Agate Necklace
Botwana Agate Necklace

Golden Lavender Necklace-Golden Lavender Necklace
Golden Lavender Necklace
Nacre Necklace-Nacre Necklace
Nacre Necklace
Chenille Necklace-Chenille Necklace
Chenille Necklace

Turquoise Cross Necklace-Turquoise Cross Necklace
Turquoise Cross Necklace

Howalite Cross Necklace-Howalite Cross Necklace
Howalite Cross Necklace
Onyx Cross Necklace-Onyx Cross Necklace
Onyx Cross Necklace
Pink Clover Necklace-Pink Clover Necklace
Pink Clover Necklace
Blue Lemon Necklace-Blue Lemon Necklace
Blue Lemon Necklace

Blue Violet Necklace-Blue Violet Necklace
Blue Violet Necklace

Blue Hydrangea Necklace-Blue Hydrangea Necklace
Blue Hydrangea Necklace
Prim and Proper Necklace-Prim and Proper Necklace
Prim and Proper Necklace

Caterpillar Necklace-Caterpillar Necklace
Caterpillar Necklace
Pearly Pink Necklace-Pearly Pink Necklace
Pearly Pink Necklace
Red Quartz Necklace-Red Quartz Necklace
Red Quartz Necklace

Mikanos Necklace-Mikanos Necklace
Mikanos Necklace

Spark Necklace-Spark Necklace
Spark Necklace

Blanche Necklace-Blanche Necklace
Blanche Necklace
Blanche Neige Necklace-Blanche Neige Necklace
Blanche Neige Necklace

Rock Crystal Necklace-Rock Crystal Necklace
Rock Crystal Necklace
Blue Cayenne Necklace-Blue Cayenne Necklace
Blue Cayenne Necklace

Aquamarine Necklace-Aquamarine Necklace
Aquamarine Necklace

Rock Affelar Necklace-Rock Affelar Necklace
Rock Affelar Necklace

White Agate Necklace-White Agate Necklace
White Agate Necklace
Crystal Solitaire Necklace-Crystal Solitaire Necklace
Crystal Solitaire Necklace

Fierce Necklace-Fierce Necklace
Fierce Necklace

Fossil Necklace-Fossil Necklace
Fossil Necklace

Just a Touch Necklace-Just a Touch Necklace
Just a Touch Necklace

Just a Touch Earrings-Just a Touch Earrings
Just a Touch Earrings

Drusy Cross Necklace-Drusy Cross Necklace
Drusy Cross Necklace
Blue Spider Necklace-Blue Spider Necklace
Blue Spider Necklace

Spotted Necklace-Spotted Necklace,Hematite, pyrite, moss amethyst
Spotted Necklace
Montana Necklace-Montana Necklace, Montana agate, pyrite
Montana Necklace

Roasted Caramel Necklace-Roasted Caramel Necklace, Red Adventurine, pyrite, gold-filled chain
Roasted Caramel Necklace
Orange Zebra Necklace-Orange Zebra Necklace, Brazilian agate, mystic spinnel
Orange Zebra Necklace
Fallen Leaf Necklace-Fallen Leaf Necklace, Mystic moonstone, drusy, gold-filled chain
Fallen Leaf Necklace

Bubbles Necklace-Bubbles Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Bubbles Necklace

Lava Verde Necklace-Lava Verde Necklace, Agate, lava rock, green tiger's eye, green cloud quartz, moonstone, jade, prenite, picture jasper
Lava Verde Necklace

Rock Crystal Strong Necklace-Rock Crystal Strong Necklace, rock crystal
Rock Crystal Strong Necklace

Smokin Necklace-Smokin Necklace, smoky quartz
Smokin Necklace

Shark Tank Necklace-Shark Tank Necklace, Shark tooth, gold-filled chain
Shark Tank Necklace
Sparkling Moss Necklace-Sparkling Moss Necklace,Moss aquamarine, labradorite, green tiger’s eye, pyrite, tiger’s eye, dragon skin agate, muscovite
Sparkling Moss Necklace

Spun Sugar Necklace-Spun Sugar Necklace
Spun Sugar Necklace
Lemon Diamond Necklace-Lemon Diamond Necklace, Lemon citrine, diamonds, pyrite, mystic moonstone, gold-filled chain
Lemon Diamond Necklace
Rough Cut Necklace-Rough Cut Necklace, Amethyst, moss aquamarine, gold-filled chain
Rough Cut Necklace

Green Aubergine Necklace-Green Aubergine Necklace, Charoite, ruby zoisite, pyrite, pink amethyst, fresh water pearl
Green Aubergine Necklace

Gold Night Necklace-Gold Night Necklace, Mystic spinnel, rutilated quartz, chalcedony, moonstone, pyrite, moss aquamarine, crysoprase
Gold Night Necklace
Cypress Necklace-Cypress Necklace, Blue tiger’s eye, ruby zoisite, green onyx
Cypress Necklace

Blue Russian Necklace-Blue Russian Necklace, Russian Amazonite
Blue Russian Necklace
Angel Wing Necklace-Angel Wing Necklace, Drusy, gold-filled chain
Angel Wing Necklace
Aluminum Necklace-Aluminum Necklace, Pyrite, moss aquamarine
Aluminum Necklace
Bark Necklace-Bark Necklace, Andusulate, muscovite, yellow tiger's eye, moonstone, calcite, labradorite
Bark Necklace

Dream Catcher Necklace-Dream Catcher Necklace, Gold-filled chain, serpentine, jade, pyrite
Dream Catcher Necklace
Drusy Clover Necklace-Drusy Clover Necklace, Drusy clover, gold-filled chain
Drusy Clover Necklace
Frosted Grape Necklace-Frosted Grape Necklace
Frosted Grape Necklace
Yatch Club Necklace-Yatch Club Necklace, Lapis, pyrite
Yatch Club Necklace

Lucky Blue Necklace-Lucky Blue Necklace, Turquoise, green amethyst, pyrite, amazonite, morgonite
Lucky Blue Necklace

Optimist Necklace-Optimist Necklace, Moonstone, yellow jade, crysophrase, rock crystal, chalcedony
Optimist Necklace

Green Bone Necklace-Green Bone Necklace, Buffalo bone, chysoprase
Green Bone Necklace

Taylor Necklace-Taylor Necklace, Hematite, amazonite, chalcedony
Taylor Necklace
Crystal Blue Necklace-Crystal Blue Necklace, Magnesite, rock crystal
Crystal Blue Necklace
Melody Necklace-Melody Necklace, Aquamarine, yellow cat’s eye, kunzite, green tiger’s eye, shell
Melody Necklace
Crystal Peach Necklace-Crystal Peach Necklace, Agate, chalcedony, drusy
Crystal Peach Necklace
Fan Tastic Necklace-Fan Tastic Necklace, Turquoise, amazonite, chalcedony
Fan Tastic Necklace
Vintage Rose Necklace-Vintage Rose Necklace, Vintage glass, resin
Vintage Rose Necklace
Bam Bam Necklace-Bam Bam Necklace, Tagua, smoky quartz, mango calcite
Bam Bam Necklace

Primal Necklace-Primal Necklace, Amazonite, howalite, carnelian, aquamarine, rock crystal, quartz, agate, moonstone, calcite, labradorite
Primal Necklace

Caterpillar Necklace-Caterpillar Necklace
Caterpillar Necklace

Crystal White Necklace-Crystal White Necklace, Rock crystal, fresh water pearl, quartz, 
Crystal White Necklace
Lavender Moon Necklace-Lavender Moon Necklace, Kunzite, pyrite, citrine, moonstone
Lavender Moon Necklace

Hibiscus Necklace-Hibiscus Necklace,Jade, mystic quartz, agate
Hibiscus Necklace

Fortune Necklace-Fortune Necklace, Amethyst, pyrite, hematite, iolite, morgonite
Fortune Necklace
Naturally Necklace-Naturally Necklace, Buffalo bone, white agate, mookite, white coral
Naturally Necklace

Blue Desert Necklace-Blue Desert Necklace, Pyrite, amazonite, amber quartz
Blue Desert Necklace

Landscape Necklace-Landscape Necklace, Landscape jasper, rock crystal, glass
Landscape Necklace
River Jasper Necklace-River Jasper Necklace, Jasper agate, chalcedony
River Jasper Necklace

Purple Haze Necklace-Purple Haze Necklace, Chalcedony, pink amethyst, 
Purple Haze Necklace
Harmony Necklace-Harmony Necklace, Moonstone, rock crystal, chalcedony, crysophase, kunzite, gold-filled chain
Harmony Necklace
Moonlight Necklace-Moonlight Necklace, Drusy, pink opal, hematite, morganite, ametrine, pyrite, rhodocronsite, aquamarine
Moonlight Necklace

Snow Green Necklace-Snow Green Necklace,Green garnet, howalite
Snow Green Necklace
Solar Necklace-Solar Necklace, Solar quartz, ziycon, pyrite
Solar Necklace

Salt of the Earth Necklace-Salt of the Earth Necklace, Agate, ziycon, ametrine
Salt of the Earth Necklace

Idealist Necklace-Idealist Necklace, Calcite, aquamarine, mother of pearl, jade, moonstone
Idealist Necklace

Pollock Necklace-Pollock Necklace, Scenic Jasper
Pollock Necklace

Pearly Snow Necklace-Pearly Snow Necklace, Fresh water pearl, drusy
Pearly Snow Necklace
Silver Bell Necklace-Silver Bell Necklace, Fresh water pearl, chanpagne quartz, hematite, pyrite, rock crystal, ametrine, tassles.
Silver Bell Necklace

Rosemary Necklace-Rosemary Necklace, Ruby Zosite, tiger's eye, jasper, resin
Rosemary Necklace

Mesmorize Necklace-Mesmorize Necklace, Amazonite, vintage coin, copper bell
Mesmorize Necklace

Stormy Blue Necklace-Stormy Blue Necklace, Kianite, hematite
Stormy Blue Necklace

Joan of Arc Necklace-Joan of Arc Necklace, Blown glass, pyrite, malachite
Joan of Arc Necklace

Master Key Necklace-Master Key Necklace, Mystic onyx, chalcedony, coated hematite, crystal, freshwater pearl, pyrite, tassle
Master Key Necklace

Midnight Blue Necklace-Midnight Blue Necklace, Blue drusy, gold-filled chain
Midnight Blue Necklace

Silver Apple Necklace-Silver Apple Necklace, Mystic amazonite, hematite
Silver Apple Necklace
Falli Necklace-Falli Necklace, Kunzite, crysophrase, red tiger’s eye, green tiger’s eye, aquamarine
Falli Necklace

Trifecta Necklace-Trifecta Necklace, Lapis, gold-filled chain
Trifecta Necklace
Bella Necklace-Bella Necklace, Hematite,iolite, mystic quartz, pyrite, ametrine, drusy, copper bells
Bella Necklace

Raw Salt Necklace-Raw Salt Necklace, Zircon, drusy
Raw Salt Necklace
Shadow Necklace-Shadow Necklace, Green Phantom quartz, moss aquamarine, kianite
Shadow Necklace
Bleu Blue Azul Necklace-Bleu Blue Azul Necklace, Aquamarine, gold-filled chain
Bleu Blue Azul Necklace
Cracked Up Necklace-Cracked Up Necklace, Quartz, hematite, gold filled chain
Cracked Up Necklace

Fallia Necklace-Fallia Necklace, Kunzite, moonstone, malachite, amber quartz, red tger’s eye
Fallia Necklace

Old World Necklace-Old World Necklace, Gold-filled chain, amazonite, pyrite, champagne quartz.
Old World Necklace
Tigresse Necklace-Tigresse Necklace, Tiger’s Eye
Tigresse Necklace

Mother Earth Necklace-Mother Earth Necklace, Hematite, pyrite, agate
Mother Earth Necklace

Pearly Coin Necklace-Pearly Coin Necklace, Fresh water pearl, vintage coin
Pearly Coin Necklace

Pierre Rousse Necklace-Pierre Rousse Necklace, Jasper, ametrine, gold-filled chain
Pierre Rousse Necklace

Heads or Tails Necklace-Heads or Tails Necklace, Vintage coin, beaded thread,oxidized copper, labradorite
Heads or Tails Necklace

Coin Pearl Necklace-Coin Pearl Necklace, Fresh water pearl, vintage coin, opal, moss aquamarine, rock crystal
Coin Pearl Necklace

Geodine Necklace-Geodine Necklace, Amethyst, ametrine, pyrite, glass
Geodine Necklace

Horn Necklace-Horn Necklace, Buffalo horn, citrine, blue tiger’s eye, moonstone, calcite
Horn Necklace
Crystal Snow Necklace-Crystal Snow Necklace, Drusy, fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain
Crystal Snow Necklace
Falliage Necklace-Falliage Necklace, Kunzite, amber quartz, red quartz, malachite, tiger’s eye
Falliage Necklace

To the Moon Necklace-To the Moon Necklace, Moonstone, fresh water pearl, red adventurine
To the Moon Necklace

Perle Orange Necklace-Perle Orange Necklace, Fresh water pearl, carnelian
Perle Orange Necklace

Lavender Necklace-Lavender Necklace,Chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Lavender Necklace

Bronzed Necklace-Bronzed Necklace, Hematite, rose gold, oxidized
Bronzed Necklace
Sweet Belle Necklace-Sweet Belle Necklace,Fresh water pearl, chanpagne quartz, hematite, pyrite, rock crystal, ametrine, tassles.
Sweet Belle Necklace

Orange is the New Black Necklace-Orange is the New Black Necklace, onyx
Orange is the New Black Necklace

Diamantine Necklace-Diamantine Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain.
Diamantine Necklace

Calma Necklace-Calma Necklace, Reconstructed amber, rock crystal, howalite, aquamarine
Calma Necklace

Vintage Tagua Necklace-Vintage Tagua Necklace, Vintage glass, tagua, ametrine
Vintage Tagua Necklace

Limelight Necklace-Limelight Necklace, Jade, mystic onyx,
Limelight Necklace

Mountain Sunset Necklace-Mountain Sunset Necklace, Amazonite, jasper, resin, pyrite
Mountain Sunset Necklace

Green Buffalo Necklace-Green Buffalo Necklace,Buffalo bone, pyrite, quartz
Green Buffalo Necklace

Cream Plum Necklace-Cream Plum Necklace, Reconstructed amber, coral, howalite, mookite
Cream Plum Necklace

Scenic Peach Necklace-Scenic Peach Necklace, Scenic jasper, pyrite, pink opal
Scenic Peach Necklace
Just Breathe Necklace-Just Breathe Necklace, Peppermint jasper, coated hematite, pyrite, peach quartz
Just Breathe Necklace

Metal Peach Necklace-Metal Peach Necklace, Pyrite, hematite, chalcedony
Metal Peach Necklace
Feather Sound (Pt 1) Necklace-Feather Sound (Pt 1) Necklace, Rayon and seed bead chain, moonstone, fresh water pearl, bone feather
Feather Sound (Pt 1) Necklace

Feather Sound (Pt2) Necklace-Feather Sound (Pt2) Necklace
Feather Sound (Pt2) Necklace

Feather Sound (Combo)-Feather Sound (Combo)
Feather Sound (Combo)
Scenic Rock Necklace-Scenic Rock Necklace, Scenic jasper, rock crystal, pyrite
Scenic Rock Necklace

Coachella Necklace-Coachella Necklace, Rayon and Seed bead chain, drusy
Coachella Necklace

Peach Peppermint Necklace-Peach Peppermint Necklace, Peppermint jasper, pink coral, hematite, pyrite
Peach Peppermint Necklace
Sparkelite Necklace-Sparkelite Necklace, Silverite, fresh water pearl, amazonite, rock crystal labradorite, pavé, gold-filled chain
Sparkelite Necklace

Lavender Peach Necklace-Lavender Peach Necklace, Pink amethyst, chalcedony, pyrite
Lavender Peach Necklace
Sweet Caroline Necklace-Sweet Caroline Necklace, Moonstone, chalcedony, agate, calcite, hematite
Sweet Caroline Necklace

Blue Lotus pt1 Necklace-Blue Lotus pt1 Necklace, Chalcedony, lotus charm, gold-filled chain
Blue Lotus pt1 Necklace

Blue Lotus pt2 Necklace-Blue Lotus pt2 Necklace
Blue Lotus pt2 Necklace

Blue Lotus (layered together)-Blue Lotus (layered together)
Blue Lotus (layered together)
Mini Fling Necklace-Mini Fling Necklace, Moonstone, opal, chalcedony, Italian turquoise
Mini Fling Necklace
Blue Resort Necklace-Blue Resort Necklace, Lapis, howalite, rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Blue Resort Necklace
Starry Blue Necklace-Starry Blue Necklace, Lapis, mystic green onyx
Starry Blue Necklace

Turquoise Hoop Necklace-Turquoise Hoop Necklace, Turquoise, chalcedody, gold-filled chain
Turquoise Hoop Necklace

Rock Crystal Hoop Necklace-Rock Crystal Hoop Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Rock Crystal Hoop Necklace
Moonstone Hoop Necklace-Moonstone Hoop Necklace, Moonstone, gold-filled chain
Moonstone Hoop Necklace
Emma Drop Necklace-Emma Drop Necklace, Crysoprase, gold-filled chain, green mystic onyx
Emma Drop Necklace

Summer Heat Necklace-Summer Heat Necklace, Reconstructed amber, green malachite, chalcedony, kunzite, vintage glass, crysoprase, gold-filled chain
Summer Heat Necklace
White Nights Necklace-White Nights Necklace, White agate, rock crystal, reconstructed amber, tiger’s eye, rock crystal, gold-filled chain
White Nights Necklace
Summer Fling Necklace-Summer Fling Necklace, Vintage glass, chalcedony, aquamarine, citrine, rock crystal, apatite, gold-filled chain
Summer Fling Necklace
Green Opal Necklace-Green Opal Necklace, Phantom quartz, opalite, crysoprase
Green Opal Necklace
Green Opal Earrings-Green Opal Earrings, Crysoprase, aquamarine
Green Opal Earrings
My Better Half pt 1 Necklace-My Better Half pt 1 Necklace, Fresh water pearl, silverite, champagne quartz, gold-filled chain
My Better Half pt 1 Necklace
My Better Half pt 2 Necklace-My Better Half pt 2 Necklace, Rayon and seed bead chain, champagne quartz, silverite, fresh water pearl, rock crustal pendant
My Better Half pt 2 Necklace
My Better Half Necklace (layered)-My Better Half Necklace (layered)
My Better Half Necklace (layered)
Green Ice Necklace-Green Ice Necklace, Phantom quartz, gold-filled chain
Green Ice Necklace

Drusy Drop Necklace-Drusy Drop Necklace, Drusy, gold-filled chain, pyrite
Drusy Drop Necklace
Salty Necklace-Salty Necklace, Drusy, gold filled chain
Salty Necklace

Under Over Pearl Necklace-Under Over Pearl Necklace, Fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain
Under Over Pearl Necklace
Under Over Pink Amethyst Necklace-Under Over Pink Amethyst Necklace, Pink amethyst, gold-filled chain
Under Over Pink Amethyst Necklace
Under Over Opal Necklace-Under Over Opal Necklace, Opal, chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Under Over Opal Necklace
Royal Coco Necklace-Royal Coco Necklace
Royal Coco Necklace
Liquid Silver Necklace-Liquid Silver Necklace
Liquid Silver Necklace

Green Mushroom Necklace-Green Mushroom Necklace
Green Mushroom Necklace
Black Fan Necklace-Black Fan Necklace
Black Fan Necklace

Plume Necklace-Plume Necklace, Plume agate, iolite
Plume Necklace

Green Velvet Necklace-Green Velvet Necklace, Green onyx, apatite, gold-filled chain
Green Velvet Necklace

Geo Necklace-Geo Necklace, Geode, moonstone, spinnel, pyrite
Geo Necklace

Blue Petals Necklace-Blue Petals Necklace, Kyanite, pyrite, gold-filled-chain
Blue Petals Necklace

Blue Crow Necklace-Blue Crow Necklace, Rock quartz, spinnel.
Blue Crow Necklace

Midnight Fan Necklace-Midnight Fan Necklace, Black kianite, apatite, spinnel, pyrite
Midnight Fan Necklace
Glace Blanche Necklace-Glace Blanche Necklace, White blown glass, rock crystal, green amethyst
Glace Blanche Necklace
Glisten Necklace-Glisten Necklace,Drusy, gold-foil quartz, gold-filled chain
Glisten Necklace

Pearl Collar Necklace-Pearl Collar Necklace, Fresh water pearl, pyrite
Pearl Collar Necklace

Rockin' Scarab Necklace-Rockin' Scarab Necklace, Egyptian sterling silver and mother of pearl scarab, fresh water pearl, fossil, nylon and seed bead chain.
Rockin' Scarab Necklace

Tigre Necklace-Tigre Necklace, Mother of pearl, spinnel
Tigre Necklace

Black Rainbow Necklace-Black Rainbow Necklace, Mother of pearl, ruby zoisite, spinnel
Black Rainbow Necklace
Golden Smoke Necklace-Golden Smoke Necklace, Smoky quartz, pyrite, mystic quartz
Golden Smoke Necklace

Vintage Lamp Necklace-Vintage Lamp Necklace, Vintage lamp parts, rock crystal
Vintage Lamp Necklace

Smoky Fan Necklace-Smoky Fan Necklace, Black Kyanite, pyrite, silverite, smoky quartz, spinnel
Smoky Fan Necklace
Blush Necklace-Blush Necklace
Blush Necklace

Pearly White Necklace-Pearly White Necklace, Fresh water pearls, gold-filled chain
Pearly White Necklace

Earth Rainbow Necklace-Earth Rainbow Necklace, Citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz, rock crystal
Earth Rainbow Necklace

Golden Turquoise Necklace-Golden Turquoise Necklace,Oxidized copper, turquoise, kianite, amazonite, spinnel, gold-foil quartz
Golden Turquoise Necklace

Crushed Necklace-Crushed Necklace, Crushed rock crystal, pyrite
Crushed Necklace

Steel Necklace-Steel Necklace, plume agate, blue coral
Steel Necklace
Fantom Necklace-Fantom Necklace, Kyanite, rock crystal, opal, gold-filled chain
Fantom Necklace

Fossil Pearl Necklace-Fossil Pearl Necklace, fossil, morganite, spinnel, fresh water pearl
Fossil Pearl Necklace

Passe Partout Necklace-Passe Partout Necklace, Moonstone, rhodocrosite, amazonite, ruby zoisite, lapis, chalcedony, calcite, Italian turquoise, kyanite, rose quartz, labradorite, pyrite
Passe Partout Necklace
Silvered Amethyst Necklace-Silvered Amethyst Necklace, Amethyst, chalcedony, hamatite.
Silvered Amethyst Necklace

Blue Collar Necklace-Blue Collar Necklace, Synthetic lapis, opal, gold-filled chain
Blue Collar Necklace
Spotted Necklace-Spotted Necklace
Spotted Necklace

Ice Ice Baby Necklace-Ice Ice Baby Necklace, Opalite, fresh-water pearl
Ice Ice Baby Necklace

Red Creek Necklace-Red Creek Necklace
Red Creek Necklace
Tassle Chic Necklace-Tassle Chic Necklace
Tassle Chic Necklace

Triple Etched Necklace-Triple Etched Necklace, Rock Crystal, old-filled chain
Triple Etched Necklace
Buttercream Necklace-Buttercream Necklace, Ethiopian opal, mystic quartz, gold-filled chain
Buttercream Necklace
Round and Round Necklace-Round and Round Necklace, Champagne quartz, gold-filled chain
Round and Round Necklace
Choked Up Necklace-Choked Up Necklace
Choked Up Necklace
Canari Blue Necklace-Canari Blue Necklace, Amazonite, glass, beaded rayon thread
Canari Blue Necklace
Red Creek Plunge Necklace-Red Creek Plunge Necklace, Red creek jasper, amazonite, crysoprase, gold-filled chain
Red Creek Plunge Necklace

Raw Amazonite Necklace-Raw Amazonite Necklace, Amazonite, amethyst, blue topaz, pink quartz
Raw Amazonite Necklace
Silver Lining Necklace-Silver Lining Necklace, Chalcedony, labradorite
Silver Lining Necklace
Gum Drop Necklace-Gum Drop Necklace, Rock crystal, crysoprase, reconstituted amber, vintage glass, aquamarine
Gum Drop Necklace

Etched 5 Necklace-Etched 5 Necklace
Etched 5 Necklace

Amethyst Collar Necklace-Amethyst Collar Necklace, Amethyst
Amethyst Collar Necklace

Amethyst Collar Earrings-Amethyst Collar Earrings, Amethyst, mystic quartz, pink amethyst
Amethyst Collar Earrings

Royal Canari Necklace-Royal Canari Necklace
Royal Canari Necklace
Mineral Necklace-Mineral Necklace, Buffalo horn, amethyst
Mineral Necklace

Gummy Drop Necklace-Gummy Drop Necklace, Crysoprase, kunzite, moonstone, reconstituted amber, aquamarine
Gummy Drop Necklace
Single Etched Necklace-Single Etched Necklace, Rock Crystal, old-filled chain
Single Etched Necklace
Bubble Drop Necklace-Bubble Drop Necklace
Bubble Drop Necklace
Royal Pink Necklace-Royal Pink Necklace, Lapis, silverite, gold-filled chain
Royal Pink Necklace
Busy Bee Necklace-Busy Bee Necklace,Onyx, glass
Busy Bee Necklace
Fairywren Necklace-Fairywren Necklace,Blue topaz, gold-filled chain
Fairywren Necklace
Summer Light Necklace-Summer Light Necklace, Chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Summer Light Necklace
Black Lab Necklace-Black Lab Necklace, Black Labradorite, gold-filled chain
Black Lab Necklace

Slate Coral Necklace-Slate Coral Necklace, Blue coral, rose quartz
Slate Coral Necklace
Smoky Blue Necklace-Smoky Blue Necklace, Smoky quartz, turquoise, opal
Smoky Blue Necklace

Island Blue Necklace-Island Blue Necklace, Black labradorite, apatite, amazonite
Island Blue Necklace
Joy Necklace-Joy Necklace, Tiger’s eye, carnelian, reconstructed amber, picture jasper, fresh-water pearl, tagua, blue coral, white agate
Joy Necklace

Electric Necklace-Electric Necklace, Rock quartz, lapis
Electric Necklace

Aquagreen Necklace-Aquagreen Necklace, Rock quartz, gold-filled chain
Aquagreen Necklace
Island Necklace-Island Necklace
Island Necklace
Cognac Necklace-Cognac Necklace, hampagne quartz, gold-filled chain
Cognac Necklace
Pearled Feather Necklace-Pearled Feather Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, mystic quartz, glass,gold-filled chain
Pearled Feather Necklace
Whimsy Crystal Necklace-Whimsy Crystal Necklace, Crushed rock crystal, quartz, gold-filled chain
Whimsy Crystal Necklace
Crystal Sea Necklace-Crystal Sea Necklace, Rock crystal, crushed rock crystal, turquoise
Crystal Sea Necklace
Soft Necklace-Soft Necklace, Mystic quartz, moonstone. gold-filled chain, tassle
Soft Necklace
Hazelnut Pearl Necklace-Hazelnut Pearl Necklace, Reconstructed Amber, pyrite, mother of pearl
Hazelnut Pearl Necklace
Coquine Necklace-Coquine Necklace, Mystic quartz, pyrite
Coquine Necklace
Orangesicle Necklace-Orangesicle Necklace, Rock Crystal
Orangesicle Necklace
Grande Dame Necklace-Grande Dame Necklace, Rock crystal, moonstone, gold-filled chain
Grande Dame Necklace
Pink Marble Necklace-Pink Marble Necklace, Mango calcite, reconstructed amber
Pink Marble Necklace
Moonshark Necklace-Moonshark Necklace, Shark’s tooth, moonstone, silverite, Ethiopian opal, rayon seed bead chain.
Moonshark Necklace
Silver Slabs Necklace-Silver Slabs Necklace, Agate
Silver Slabs Necklace
The Mine Necklace-The Mine Necklace, Amethyst stalactite, mother of pearl
The Mine Necklace
Down Under Necklace-Down Under Necklace, Onyx, blue tiger’s eye, pyrite, mystic onyx, jasper
Down Under Necklace
Ocean Jasper Necklace-Ocean Jasper Necklace, Stalactite drusy, moonstone, pyrite, amazonite, ocean jasper
Ocean Jasper Necklace
Gold Dust Necklace-Gold Dust Necklace, 18 ct gold coated drusy, silver, gold-
filled chain
Gold Dust Necklace
Copper Pearl Necklace-Copper Pearl Necklace, Oxidized copper, fresh-water pearl, drusy, mystic petersite, chalcedony, pyrite, 
labradorite, moonstone
Copper Pearl Necklace
Perlita Necklace-Perlita Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, mystic quartz, gold-filled chain
Perlita Necklace
Perla Necklace-Perla Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, mystic quartz, gold-filled chain
Perla Necklace
Blithe Necklace-Blithe Necklace, Fresh-water pearl, malachite, moonstone, spinnel, rhodocrosite, tourmalinated quartz, pyrite, tigers eye, chalcedony, gold-filled chain
Blithe Necklace
Up In Smoke Necklace-Up In Smoke Necklace, Smoky quartz, labradorite
Up In Smoke Necklace

Mineral Necklace-Mineral Necklace, Amethyst, buffalo bone, mystic petersite, spinnel, amazonite
Mineral Necklace
Snow Angel Necklace-Snow Angel Necklace, Rhodocrosite, fresh-water pearl, nylon seedbead
Snow Angel Necklace
Tiffany Necklace-Tiffany Necklace, Tiffany stone, gold-filled chain
Tiffany Necklace
Down Deep Necklace-Down Deep Necklace, Labradorite, lapis, pyrite
Down Deep Necklace
Arrowhead Necklace-Arrowhead Necklace,  Obsidian, blue tiger’s eye, pyrite, aquamarine
Arrowhead Necklace

Twinkle Bar Necklace-Twinkle Bar Necklace, Drusy, lapis, gold-filled chain
Twinkle Bar Necklace
Squared Away Necklace-Squared Away Necklace, Gold-filled chain, pyrite, rock crystal
Squared Away Necklace
Titanium Dust Necklace-Titanium Dust Necklace, Titanium-coated drusy, silver, gold-filled chain
Titanium Dust Necklace
Energy Necklace-Energy Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Energy Necklace
Amethyst Stalactite Necklace-Amethyst Stalactite Necklace, Amethyst stalactite, pyrite, calcite
Amethyst Stalactite Necklace

Mauve Dust Necklace-Mauve Dust Necklace, Jaspar, agate
Mauve Dust Necklace

Tribal Chic Necklace-Tribal Chic Necklace, Fossil, rose quartz, rhodocrosite, kunzite
Tribal Chic Necklace
Steel Necklace-Steel Necklace, GBlown glass, silverite, malachite, apatite
Steel Necklace
Gentle Warrior Necklace-Gentle Warrior Necklace, Blue calcite, mystic petersite, pyrite, rhodocrosite
Gentle Warrior Necklace
Amber Globe Necklace-Amber Globe Necklace, Wire wrapped amber quartz, gold-filled chain
Amber Globe Necklace
Black Sliver Necklace-Black Sliver Necklace, Pyrite, howalite
Black Sliver Necklace
Montagne Necklace-Montagne Necklace, Malachite, green onyx, seed beads
Montagne Necklace
Forestière Necklace-Forestière Necklace, Stalactite druzy, spinnel, green onyx
Forestière Necklace
Spun Necklace-Spun Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled wire, gold-filled chain
Spun Necklace
Bumble Necklace-Bumble Necklace, Aquamarine, fresh-water pearl, rock crystal, red tiger’s eye, bumble bee jasper, gold-filled chain
Bumble Necklace
Dragon Cloud Necklace-Dragon Cloud Necklace, Malachite, mystic onyx, onyx, 
gold-filled chain
Dragon Cloud Necklace
Bourgogne Necklace-Bourgogne Necklace, Chocolate moonstone, silverite, sunstone, 
carnelian, green chalcedony, green onyx, 
gold-filled chain
Bourgogne Necklace
Smoky Moon Necklace-Smoky Moon Necklace, Smoky quartz, ruby zoizite, cubic 
circonia, citrine
Smoky Moon Necklace
Etched Crystal Necklace-Etched Crystal Necklace, Rock crystal
Etched Crystal Necklace
Bear Hug Necklace-Bear Hug Necklace, Onyx, spinnel
Bear Hug Necklace
White Nest Necklace-White Nest Necklace, Drusy, gold-filled chain
White Nest Necklace

Brillant Necklace-Brillant Necklace, Drusy, pyrite, freshwater pearl
Brillant Necklace
Midnight Pearl Necklace-Midnight Pearl Necklace,Freshwater pearl, gold-filled chain, onyx
Midnight Pearl Necklace

Unicorn Necklace-Unicorn Necklace, Drusy, fresh-water pearl, gold-filled chain
Unicorn Necklace
Silver Dust Necklace-Silver Dust Necklace, drusy, gold-filled and sterling silver chain
Silver Dust Necklace
Black Diamond Buddha Necklace-Black Diamond Buddha, Black diamonds, quatyz, gold-filled chain
Black Diamond Buddha Necklace
Amazonite Drop Necklace-Amazonite Drop Necklace, Peruvian amazonite, green onyx, ethiopian opal, gold-filled chain
Amazonite Drop Necklace

Lucky Elephant Necklace-Lucky Elephant Necklace, Brass bell, tassle, gold-filled chain
Lucky Elephant Necklace

Blue Angel Necklace-Blue Angel Necklace, Aquamarine, drusy, fresh-water pearl,gold-filled chain
Blue Angel Necklace

Two by Two Necklace-Two by Two Necklace,Green onyx, blue lace agate, gold-filled chain
Two by Two Necklace

Orange Blue Necklace-Orange Blue Necklace, Lapis, pyrite, glass, gold-filled chain
Orange Blue Necklace
For the Love of Green Necklace-For the Love of Green Necklace, Green onyx, gold-filled chain
For the Love of Green Necklace
Yellow Blue Necklace-Yellow Blue Necklace, Lapis, glass
Yellow Blue Necklace
Titanium Dust Necklace-Titanium Dust Necklace, Titanium-coated drusy, gold-filled chain
Titanium Dust Necklace

Nile Cruise Necklace-Nile Cruise Necklace, Rock crystal, turquoise, bumble bee jasper, rose quartz, gold-filled chain
Nile Cruise Necklace
Devoted Necklace-Devoted Necklace, Drusy, smoky quartz, turquoise, gold-filled chain
Devoted Necklace
Whiskey Bubble Necklace-Whiskey Bubble Necklace, Champagne quatyz, gold-filled chain
Whiskey Bubble Necklace
Verdura Necklace-Verdura Necklace, Green amethyst, spinnel
Verdura Necklace
Natural Tassle Necklace-Natural Tassle Necklace
Natural Tassle Necklace
Silver Amazon Necklace-Silver Amazon Necklace, Pyrite, amazonite, onyx
Silver Amazon Necklace
Roma Loves You Necklace-Roma Loves You Necklace, Authentic Roman 1st Century AD coin.  Constantinian period found in Crimea peninsula in Russia, cast in sterling silver
Roma Loves You Necklace
Peach Moss Necklace-Peach Moss Necklace, Ocean Jasper, pink opal, green onyx, pyrite, drusy, amazonite
Peach Moss Necklace
Copper Buddha Necklace-Copper Buddha Necklace, Copper bell, seed bead on nylon chain
Copper Buddha Necklace
Boho Chic Necklace-Boho Chic Necklace
Boho Chic Necklace

Butterfly Necklace-Butterfly Necklace, Mystic moonstone, gold-filled chain, chalcedony, rock crystal
Butterfly Necklace
Celebration Necklace-Celebration Necklace, Jade, chrysoprase, reconstructed amber, tassle, glass
Celebration Necklace
Vintage Faith Necklace-Vintage Faith Necklace, Chrysoprase, quartz, pyrite, hematite, religious token circa 1820-1860 found in South France
Vintage Faith Necklace
Blue and Stormy Necklace-Blue and Stormy Necklace, Onyx, pyrite, hematite, drusy, amazonite
Blue and Stormy Necklace
Hail Mary Feather Necklace-Hail Mary Feather Necklace, Gold-filled chain, bone, religious token circa 1820-1860 found in South France, rutilated quartz
Hail Mary Feather Necklace
Warrior Necklace-Warrior Necklace, Amazonite, pyrite, blue calcite
Warrior Necklace
Turks Necklace-Turks Necklace, Gold-filled chain, pink quartz, turquoise, toumaline, ametrine, quartz
Turks Necklace
Mint Caramel Necklace-Mint Caramel Necklace, Chalcedony, yellow glass, moonstone, aventurine
Mint Caramel Necklace
On the Rocks Necklace-On the Rocks Necklace, Crushed rock crystal, rhodocrosite
On the Rocks Necklace
Pure and Simple Necklace-Pure and Simple Necklace, Gold-filled chain, pyrite, fresh water pearl
Pure and Simple Necklace

Clarity Necklace-Clarity Necklace, Gold-filled chain, rock crystal
Clarity Necklace

White Caterpillar Necklace-White Caterpillar Necklace, Gold-filled chain, amazonite, rock crystal
White Caterpillar Necklace
Hot Ruby Necklace-Hot Ruby Necklace, Crystal, pyrite, sunstone, silverite, ruby, rhodocrosite
Hot Ruby Necklace
St. Enfant Jesus Necklace-St. Enfant Jesus Necklace, Silverite, moonstone, opal, rutilated quartz, religious token circa 1820-1860 found in South France
St. Enfant Jesus Necklace

Bonbon Necklace-Bonbon Necklace, Green mystic onyx, gold-filled chain, green drusy, quartz
Bonbon Necklace

Summer Fest Necklace-Summer Fest Necklace, Crushed rock crystal, jade
Summer Fest Necklace
Rose Sand Necklace-Rose Sand Necklace, Red quartz, reconstructed amber, white agate
Rose Sand Necklace
Peach Angel Necklace-Peach Angel Necklace, Fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain, coral, drusy wing
Peach Angel Necklace
Ocean Necklace-Ocean Necklace, Amazonite, sodalite, fire agate, pyrite, glass, blue tiger’s eye
Ocean Necklace
Arc-en-Ciel Necklace-Arc-en-Ciel Necklace, Red quartz, jade, drusy, white quartz, pyrite, tiger’s eye, prenite, chrysoprase
Arc-en-Ciel Necklace

Oceanica Necklace-Oceanica Necklace, Green amethyst, gold-filled chain, 
turquoise, aquamarine
Oceanica Necklace
Africa Necklace-Africa Necklace, Onyx, moonstone pyrite amazonite, reconstructed amber, rutilated quartz. moonstone
Africa Necklace

Yellow Peach Necklace-Yellow Peach Necklace, Crystal quartz, opal, cubic zirconia
Yellow Peach Necklace
Silver Bee Necklace-Silver Bee Necklace, Pyrite, yellow glass, lemon quartz
Silver Bee Necklace
Green Strawberry Necklace-Green Strawberry Necklace, Strawberry quartz, rose quartz, aventurine
Green Strawberry Necklace
Angel Pearl Necklace-Angel Pearl Necklace, Gold-filled chain, tassle, fresh water pearl, drusy angel
Angel Pearl Necklace
Spiny Oyster Necklace-Spiny Oyster Necklace, Rock crystal, red quartz, spiny 
oyster shell, red tiger’s eye
Spiny Oyster Necklace
Pinkish Necklace-Pinkish Necklace, Gold-filled chain,  pink mystic quartz
Pinkish Necklace
Orange Raspberry Necklace-Orange Raspberry Necklace, Glass, moonstone, strawberry quartz, pyrite
Orange Raspberry Necklace
Green Moss Horn Necklace-Green Moss Horn Necklace,  Green moss opal, pyrite, glass, ruby zoisite, green garnet, fancy jasper, pewter, agate
Green Moss Horn Necklace
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