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Clear as Day Earrings-Clear as Day Earrings, Rainbow moon, fresh water pearl, gold-filled
Clear as Day Earrings

Resort Earrings-Resort Earrings, Beer quartz, ruby, apatite, gold chain, citrine
Resort Earrings

Swing Earrings-Swing Earrings, Swarovski crystal, fresh water pearl,
gold-filled chain.
Swing Earrings

Jardin Earrings-Jardin Earrings, Fresh water pearl, peridot, citrine, iolite,apatite, rose quartz
Jardin Earrings
Green Orchid Earrings-Green Orchid Earrings, Chrome diopside, gold-filled chain, green
Green Orchid Earrings
$245.00 $172.00
Black Deco Earrings-Black Deco Earrings,Blue goldstone, blue sapphire
Black Deco Earrings

Golden Coral Earrings-Golden Coral Earrings
Golden Coral Earrings

Coral Bleu Earrings-Coral Bleu Earrings
Coral Bleu Earrings

Wave Earrings-Wave Earrings,London blue quartz, gold-plated hoop, coral
Wave Earrings

Grape Coral Earrings-Grape Coral Earrings, Crystal, gold-filled chain, cubic zirconia, apatite, coral
Grape Coral Earrings

Caramel Peach Earrings-Caramel Peach Earrings, Crystal, gold-plated hoop, shell, pyrite, yellow quartz
Caramel Peach Earrings

Orange Crystal Earrings- Orange Crystal Earrings Coral, rutilated quartz
Orange Crystal Earrings

Green Watermelon Earrings-Green Watermelon Earrings, Jade, green onyx
Green Watermelon Earrings

Metal Peach Earrings-Metal Peach Earrings, Coral, pyrite, gold-filled chain
Metal Peach Earrings
Ice Hot Earrings-Ice Hot Earrings, Gold-plated hoop, coral, aquamarine, labradorite
Ice Hot Earrings

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