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Rainbow Cognac Earrings-Rainbow Cognac Earrings,Gold-plated hoop, cubic zirconia, beer quartz
Rainbow Cognac Earrings

Marmelade Earrings-Marmelade Earrings, Gold-plated hoop, pyrite, glass
Marmelade Earrings

Moon Peach Earrings-Moon Peach Earrings, Coral, moonstone, fresh water pearl,cubic zirconia
Moon Peach Earrings
Mother Pearl Earrings-Mother Pearl Earrings, Pink amethyst, green amethyst
Mother Pearl Earrings
Fresh Earrings-Fresh Earrings, London blue quartz, apatite,amethyst
Fresh Earrings

Cameleon Earrings-Cameleon Earrings,Fresh water pearl, moonstone
Cameleon Earrings

Canari Blue Earrings-Canari Blue Earrings, Gold-plated hoop, yellow quartz, apatite
Canari Blue Earrings

Beach Glass Earrings-Beach Glass Earrings, Opalite, gold-filled chain, blue 
Beach Glass Earrings

Sage Earrings-Sage Earrings, Cubic zirconia, apatite, green amethyst
Sage Earrings

Ice Lime Earrings-Ice Lime Earrings,Fresh water pearl, peridot, gold-filled chain
Ice Lime Earrings

Mint Cream Earrings-Mint Cream Earrings, Turquoise, glass, aquamarine
Mint Cream Earrings

Titanic Earrings-Titanic Earrings,London blue quartz, vermeil, rose pyrite
Titanic Earrings

Peach Drops Earrings-Peach Drops Earrings, Rutilated quartz, cubic zirconia
Peach Drops Earrings

Rose Crystal Earrings-Rose Crystal Earrings, Rose pyrite, rock crystal, cubic zirconia
Rose Crystal Earrings

Sunny Lilac Earrings-Sunny Lilac Earrings,Jade, cubic zirconia
Sunny Lilac Earrings

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