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Summer 2016

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Necklaces Earrings


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Silver Tagua Necklace-Silver Tagua Necklace, Mesh chain, tagua, moonstone
Silver Tagua Necklace

Silver Tagua Earrings-Silver Tagua Earrings, Moonstone, Gold-filled ear
Silver Tagua Earrings

Calma Necklace-Calma Necklace, Reconstructed amber, rock crystal, howalite, aquamarine
Calma Necklace

Calma Earrings-Calma Earrings, Rock crystal, gold-filled ear
Calma Earrings

Vintage Tagua Necklace-Vintage Tagua Necklace, Vintage glass, tagua, ametrine
Vintage Tagua Necklace

Vintage Tagua Earrings-Vintage Tagua Earrings, Ametrine, gold-filled hoop
Vintage Tagua Earrings
Limelight Necklace-Limelight Necklace, Jade, mystic onyx,
Limelight Necklace

Gold Shoulder Duster Earrings-Gold Shoulder Duster Earrings, Gold filled chain
Gold Shoulder Duster Earrings
Mountain Sunset Necklace-Mountain Sunset Necklace, Amazonite, jasper, resin, pyrite
Mountain Sunset Necklace
Mountain Sunset Earrings-Mountain Sunset Earrings, Calcite, pyrite
Mountain Sunset Earrings

Green Buffalo Necklace-Green Buffalo Necklace,Buffalo bone, pyrite, quartz
Green Buffalo Necklace

Green Buffalo Earrings-Green Buffalo Earrings, Chocolate moonstone
Green Buffalo Earrings

Cream Plum Necklace-Cream Plum Necklace, Reconstructed amber, coral, howalite, mookite
Cream Plum Necklace

Scenic Peach Necklace-Scenic Peach Necklace, Scenic jasper, pyrite, pink opal
Scenic Peach Necklace
Scenic Peach Earrings-Scenic Peach Earrings, Pink opal, pyrite
Scenic Peach Earrings

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