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Tiger's Cross Necklace-Tiger's Cross Necklace, Andusulate, tigerís eye, onyx cross
Tiger's Cross Necklace
$335.00 $205.00
Mica Tiger Necklace-Mica Tiger Necklace, Pyrite, coral, golden mica
Mica Tiger Necklace
$725.00 $435.00
Ring Around The Shell-Ring Around The Shell, Peridot, fresh water pearl, green amethyst, shell, Tsavorite, pyrite
Ring Around The Shell
$305.00 $185.00
Best Friend Necklace-Best Friends Necklace,Herkimer diamond, crystal quartz  pendant, cubic zirconia, London blue quartz
Best Friend Necklace
$375.00 $225.00
Reflection Necklace-Reflection Necklace, Rainbow moon, labradorite, andalusite, tourmaline, bi-color quartz
Reflection Necklace
$485.00 $290.00
Maple Grape Necklace-Maple Grape Necklace, Blue goldstone, green onyx, agate
Maple Grape Necklace
$260.00 $156.00
Blue Iris Necklace-Blue Iris Necklace, Aquamarine, lapis, spinnel, chalcedony, chrysophase,
Blue Iris Necklace
$620.00 $372.00
Aquarelle Necklace-Aquarelle Necklace, Pink quartz, mystic onyx, citrine,
rock crystal, amethyst
Aquarelle Necklace
$395.00 $240.00
Jade Nectarine Necklace-Jade Nectarine Necklace, Rhodocronsite, coral, pyrite, chalcedony
Jade Nectarine Necklace
$190.00 $80.00
Lemon Tangerine Necklace-Lemon Tangerine Necklace, Citrine, sunstone, coral
Lemon Tangerine Necklace
$390.00 $235.00
Black Or White Necklace-Black Or White Necklace, Shell, howalite, rock crystal
Black Or White Necklace
$260.00 $156.00
Volcanic Glass Necklace-Volcanic Glass Necklace, Obsidian, labradorite
Volcanic Glass Necklace
$385.00 $230.00
Midnight Blues Necklace-Midnight Blues Necklace, Lapis, iolite, onyx
Midnight Blues Necklace
$585.00 $350.00
Blue Mint Necklace-Blue Mint Necklace, Aquamarine, apatite, chrysophase, cubic zirconia
Blue Mint Necklace
$600.00 $360.00

Blue Coral Necklace-Blue Coral Necklace, Electroplated gold chain on brass, coral, rock crystal, lapis
Blue Coral Necklace
$215.00 $130.00
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