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Cat's Meow Necklace-Cat's Meow Necklace,Citrine, fiber optic, fresh water pearl
Cat's Meow Necklace
Golden Blue Necklace-Golden Blue Necklace, goldstone, kianite, swarovski crystal aquamarine
Golden Blue Necklace
$650.00 $455.00
Petra Necklace-Petra Necklace, Fire Agate, shell, carnelian, aquamarine, Swarovski crystal
Petra Necklace
Aquarelle Necklace-Aquarelle Necklace,Agate, shell, glass, lemon calcite, bamboo coral, electroplated chain
Aquarelle Necklace
Lavender Pearl Necklace-Lavender Pearl Necklace, Rock crystal, pearl, crystal, kunzite
Lavender Pearl Necklace

Blue Mint Necklace-Blue Mint Necklace, Aquamarine, apatite, chrysophase, cubic zirconia
Blue Mint Necklace
Lavender Earrings-Lavender Earrings, Gold filled chain, amethyst
Lavender Earrings

White Coral Necklace-White Coral Necklace, Coral, drusy
White Coral Necklace
Emerald Caramel Necklace-Emerald Caramel Necklace, Vermeil, moonstone, apatite, green mystic quartz
Emerald Caramel Necklace
Plum Berry Necklace-Plum Berry Necklace, Amethyst, pyrite, red tiger eye
Plum Berry Necklace
Geode Earrings-Geode Earrings, Amethyst
Geode Earrings
Best Friend Necklace-Best Friends Necklace,Herkimer diamond, crystal quartz  pendant, cubic zirconia, London blue quartz
Best Friend Necklace
Ring Around The Shell-Ring Around The Shell, Peridot, fresh water pearl, green amethyst, shell, Tsavorite, pyrite
Ring Around The Shell
Plum Blossom Earrings-Plum Blossom Earrings, Goldstone, pink amethyst
Plum Blossom Earrings
Reflection Necklace-Reflection Necklace, Rainbow moon, labradorite, andalusite, tourmaline, bi-color quartz
Reflection Necklace
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