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Impression Jasper and White Lace Agate Mala-Impression Jasper, stone of tranquility and encouragement. White Lace Agate,  grounding stone that harmonizes yin and yang. Sandalwood marker beads and rock crystal guru. silk tassle.
Impression Jasper and White Lace Agate Mala
Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace-Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace
Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace
$995.00 $600.00
Going Green Earrings-Going Green Earrings
Going Green Earrings

Green Opal Necklace-Green Opal Necklace, Phantom quartz, opalite, crysoprase
Green Opal Necklace
$205.00 $125.00
Purple Haze Necklace-Purple Haze Necklace, Chalcedony, pink amethyst, 
Purple Haze Necklace
$270.00 $162.00
Snow Green Necklace-Snow Green Necklace,Green garnet, howalite
Snow Green Necklace
$350.00 $210.00
Caterpillar Necklace-Caterpillar Necklace
Caterpillar Necklace
$450.00 $270.00
Pink Clover Necklace-Pink Clover Necklace
Pink Clover Necklace
$350.00 $210.00
Green Moon Necklace-Green Moon Necklace
Green Moon Necklace
$275.00 $165.00
Rock Crystal Necklace-Rock Crystal Necklace
Rock Crystal Necklace
$145.00 $90.00
Golden Peach Necklace-Golden Peach Necklace
Golden Peach Necklace
$1020.00 $615.00
Radiant Necklace-Radiant Necklace
Radiant Necklace
$360.00 $220.00
Mystic Necklace-Mystic Necklace
Mystic Necklace
$395.00 $240.00
River Rock Necklace-River Rock Necklace
River Rock Necklace
$300.00 $180.00
Mystic Agate Necklace-Mystic Agate Necklace
Mystic Agate Necklace
$245.00 $150.00
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