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Triplets Necklace-Triplets Necklace, Agate, smoky quartz, gold-filled chain
Triplets Necklace
Ring Around the Shell Necklace-Ring Around the Shell Necklace, Peridot, fresh water pearl, green amethyst,shell, tsavorite, pyrite
Ring Around the Shell Necklace
Snow Pink Necklace-Snow Pink Necklace, Shell, fresh water pearl, rock crystal
Snow Pink Necklace
$220.00 $175.00
Bistro Necklace-Bistro Necklace, Goldstone, chalcedony, smoky quartz, citrine
Bistro Necklace
$430.00 $340.00
Steel Necklace-Steel Necklace, Kianite, fresh water pearl
Steel Necklace
$325.00 $230.00
Steel Purple Necklace-Steel Purple Necklace, Kianite, ametrine, apatite
Steel Purple Necklace
$420.00 $285.00
Aubergine Mauve Necklace-Aubergine Mauve Necklace, Hessonite, charoite, lapidolite
Aubergine Mauve Necklace
Dublin Necklace-Dublin Necklace, Onyx, blue goldstone, green goldstone
Dublin Necklace
Sand Wave Necklace-Sand Wave Necklace
Sand Wave Necklace
$370.00 $260.00
Green Orchid Earrings-Green Orchid Earrings, Chrome diopside, gold-filled chain, green
Green Orchid Earrings
$245.00 $172.00
Cranberry Cocktail Necklace-Cranberry Cocktail Necklace, 250 ct rhondolite, garnet, fresh water pearl,
smoky quartz
Cranberry Cocktail Necklace
$800.00 $560.00

Sable Necklace-Sable Necklace
Sable Necklace
$500.00 $350.00
Shell Bound Necklace-Shell Bound Necklace, Amethyst, aquamarine, shell
Shell Bound Necklace
$425.00 $298.00
In the Navy Necklace-In the Navy Necklace, Smoky quartz, kianite, amethyst, garnet rock
In the Navy Necklace
$290.00 $232.00
Mother Pearl Necklace-Mother Pearl Necklace, Peridot, green amethyst, ametrine, mother of pearl
Mother Pearl Necklace
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