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Impression Jasper and White Lace Agate Mala-Impression Jasper, stone of tranquility and encouragement. White Lace Agate,  grounding stone that harmonizes yin and yang. Sandalwood marker beads and rock crystal guru. silk tassle.
Impression Jasper and White Lace Agate Mala
Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace-Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace
Caterpillar Amethyst Necklace
$995.00 $600.00
Going Green Earrings-Going Green Earrings
Going Green Earrings

Green Opal Necklace-Green Opal Necklace, Phantom quartz, opalite, crysoprase
Green Opal Necklace
$205.00 $125.00
Purple Haze Necklace-Purple Haze Necklace, Chalcedony, pink amethyst, 
Purple Haze Necklace
$270.00 $162.00
Snow Green Necklace-Snow Green Necklace,Green garnet, howalite
Snow Green Necklace
$350.00 $210.00
Caterpillar Necklace-Caterpillar Necklace
Caterpillar Necklace
$450.00 $270.00
Pink Clover Necklace-Pink Clover Necklace
Pink Clover Necklace
$350.00 $210.00
Green Moon Necklace-Green Moon Necklace
Green Moon Necklace
$275.00 $165.00
Rock Crystal Necklace-Rock Crystal Necklace
Rock Crystal Necklace
$145.00 $90.00
Golden Peach Necklace-Golden Peach Necklace
Golden Peach Necklace
$1020.00 $615.00
Radiant Necklace-Radiant Necklace
Radiant Necklace
$360.00 $220.00
Mystic Necklace-Mystic Necklace
Mystic Necklace
$395.00 $240.00
River Rock Necklace-River Rock Necklace
River Rock Necklace
$300.00 $180.00
Mystic Agate Necklace-Mystic Agate Necklace
Mystic Agate Necklace
$245.00 $150.00
Tiger's Cross Necklace-Tiger's Cross Necklace, Andusulate, tigerís eye, onyx cross
Tiger's Cross Necklace
$335.00 $205.00
Mica Tiger Necklace-Mica Tiger Necklace, Pyrite, coral, golden mica
Mica Tiger Necklace
$725.00 $435.00
Ring Around The Shell-Ring Around The Shell, Peridot, fresh water pearl, green amethyst, shell, Tsavorite, pyrite
Ring Around The Shell
$305.00 $185.00
Best Friend Necklace-Best Friends Necklace,Herkimer diamond, crystal quartz  pendant, cubic zirconia, London blue quartz
Best Friend Necklace
$375.00 $225.00
Reflection Necklace-Reflection Necklace, Rainbow moon, labradorite, andalusite, tourmaline, bi-color quartz
Reflection Necklace
$485.00 $290.00
Maple Grape Necklace-Maple Grape Necklace, Blue goldstone, green onyx, agate
Maple Grape Necklace
$260.00 $156.00
Blue Iris Necklace-Blue Iris Necklace, Aquamarine, lapis, spinnel, chalcedony, chrysophase,
Blue Iris Necklace
$620.00 $372.00
Aquarelle Necklace-Aquarelle Necklace, Pink quartz, mystic onyx, citrine,
rock crystal, amethyst
Aquarelle Necklace
$395.00 $240.00
Jade Nectarine Necklace-Jade Nectarine Necklace, Rhodocronsite, coral, pyrite, chalcedony
Jade Nectarine Necklace
$190.00 $80.00
Lemon Tangerine Necklace-Lemon Tangerine Necklace, Citrine, sunstone, coral
Lemon Tangerine Necklace
$390.00 $235.00
Black Or White Necklace-Black Or White Necklace, Shell, howalite, rock crystal
Black Or White Necklace
$260.00 $156.00
Volcanic Glass Necklace-Volcanic Glass Necklace, Obsidian, labradorite
Volcanic Glass Necklace
$385.00 $230.00
Midnight Blues Necklace-Midnight Blues Necklace, Lapis, iolite, onyx
Midnight Blues Necklace
$585.00 $350.00
Blue Mint Necklace-Blue Mint Necklace, Aquamarine, apatite, chrysophase, cubic zirconia
Blue Mint Necklace
$600.00 $360.00

Blue Coral Necklace-Blue Coral Necklace, Electroplated gold chain on brass, coral, rock crystal, lapis
Blue Coral Necklace
$215.00 $130.00
Emerald Caramel Necklace-Emerald Caramel Necklace, Vermeil, moonstone, apatite, green mystic quartz
Emerald Caramel Necklace
$320.00 $192.00
Brilliant Necklace-Brilliant Necklace, Multi-color sapphire, lemon citrine.
Brilliant Necklace
$510.00 $305.00
Olive Necklace-Olive Necklace, Fresh water pearl, prenite, pyrite
Olive Necklace
$548.00 $330.00
Golden Blue Necklace-Golden Blue Necklace, goldstone, kianite, swarovski crystal aquamarine
Golden Blue Necklace
$650.00 $390.00
Grape Coral Necklace-Grape Coral Necklace,Bamboo coral, chalcedony, apetite, sapphire, moonstone, tourmaline
Grape Coral Necklace
$340.00 $205.00
Caramel Peach Necklace-Caramel Peach Necklace, Cherry tiger quartz, cubic zirconia, shell
Caramel Peach Necklace
$380.00 $230.00
Ice Lime Necklace-Ice Lime Necklace, Peridot, fresh water pearl, rock crystal
Ice Lime Necklace
$392.00 $235.00
Steel Necklace-Steel Necklace, Kianite, fresh water pearl
Steel Necklace
$325.00 $230.00
Aubergine Mauve Necklace-Aubergine Mauve Necklace, Hessonite, charoite, lapidolite
Aubergine Mauve Necklace
$265.00 $160.00
Shell Bound Necklace-Shell Bound Necklace, Amethyst, aquamarine, shell
Shell Bound Necklace
$425.00 $255.00
In the Navy Necklace-In the Navy Necklace, Smoky quartz, kianite, amethyst, garnet rock
In the Navy Necklace
$290.00 $175.00
Snow Pink Necklace-Snow Pink Necklace, Shell, fresh water pearl, rock crystal
Snow Pink Necklace
$220.00 $175.00
Jagged Necklace-Jagged Necklace, Smoky Quartz, gold-filled chain, sapphire
Jagged Necklace
$340.00 $205.00
Smoky Coral Necklace-Smoky Coral, Smoky Quartz, coral, aquamarine
Smoky Coral Necklace
$290.00 $175.00
Mustard Eggplant Necklace-Agate, chrome diopside, gold-plated chain
Mustard Eggplant Necklace
$265.00 $160.00
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