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Lava Rose Bracelet-Lava Rose Bracelet,Breatheā€ infused Doterra essential oils and rose quartz, lava rock, gold-foil
quartz, pyrite
Lava Rose Bracelet
Small Lava Jasper Bracelet-Small Lava Jasper Bracelet
Small Lava Jasper Bracelet
Fresh Water Pearl Multi Gem Bracelet-Fresh Water Pearl Multi Gem Bracelet, Fresh water pearl, labradorite, chalcedony, rose quartz, citrine, crysoprase
Fresh Water Pearl Multi Gem Bracelet
Chalcedony Jasper Bracelet-Chalcedony Jasper Bracelet, Copper bell, chalcedony, swarovski crystal, rose quartz, glass, jasper
Chalcedony Jasper Bracelet
Green Chalcedony Multi Gem Bracelet-Green Chalcedony Multi Gem Bracelet, Green amethyst, lapis, rock crystal, rose quartz, citrine, chalcedony, crysoprase
Green Chalcedony Multi Gem Bracelet
Pyrite Jasper Bracelet-Pyrite Jasper Bracelet, Copper lotus, pyrite, fancy jasper, gold-foil quartz, chalcedony, black lace agate
Pyrite Jasper Bracelet
Moonstone Multi Gem Bracelet-Moonstone Multi Gem Bracelet
Moonstone Multi Gem Bracelet
Silverite Jasper Bracelet-Silverite Jasper Bracelet
Silverite Jasper Bracelet

Stacked Spring 2017 Bracelets-Stacked Spring 2017 Bracelets
Stacked Spring 2017 Bracelets
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