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Twitter bird

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White Caterpillar Earrings-White Caterpillar Earrings, Amazonite, pyrite, herkimer 
White Caterpillar Earrings
Hot Ruby Earrings-Hot Ruby Earrings, Pyrite, ruby, labradorite
Hot Ruby Earrings

St. Enfant Jesus Earrings-St. Enfant Jesus Earrings, Rhodocrosite, gold-filled chain, moonstone
St. Enfant Jesus Earrings
Bonbon Earrings-Bonbon Earrings, Green mystic onyx, quartz, gold-filled chain
Bonbon Earrings

Summer Fest Earrings-Summer Fest Earrings, Rock crystal, glass
Summer Fest Earrings
Rose Sand Earrings-Rose Sand Earrings, Rose quartz, rutilated quartz
Rose Sand Earrings
Pretty in Pink Earrings-Pretty in Pink Earrings, Silverite, pink chalcedony, 
Ethiopian opal
Pretty in Pink Earrings
Peach Angel Earrings-Peach Angel Earrings, Gold-filled chain, fresh water pearl, coral
Peach Angel Earrings
Ocean Earrings-Ocean Earrings. Lapis, mystic onyx, chalcedony
Ocean Earrings

Arc-en- Ciel Earrings-Arc-en- Ciel Earrings, Quartz, opalite
Arc-en- Ciel Earrings

Oceanica Earrings-Oceanica Earrings, Green amethyst, turquoise, 
gold-filled chain
Oceanica Earrings

Africa Earrings-Africa Earrings, Silverite, onyx
Africa Earrings
Yellow Peach Earrings-Yellow Peach Earrings, Gold-filled, cubic zirconia
Yellow Peach Earrings
Silver Bee Earrings-Silver Bee Earrings,  Yellow quartz, pyrite
Silver Bee Earrings
Green Strawberry Earrings-Green Strawberry Earrings
Green Strawberry Earrings
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