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Fall 2018

Necklaces Earrings


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Honey Bee Necklace-Honey Bee Necklace
Honey Bee Necklace
Seawater Necklace-Seawater Necklace, Amazonite, spinnel, aquamarine, lemon quartz, pyrite
Seawater Necklace
Star Dust Necklace-Star Dust Necklace
Star Dust Necklace

Star Dust Earrings-Star Dust Earrings Earrings
Star Dust Earrings

Perla Necklace-Perla Necklace, Fresh water pearl, gold-filled chain
Perla Necklace
Perla Earrings-Perla Earrings
Perla Earrings

Grounded Necklace-Amethyst, moonstone, pyrite.
Grounded Necklace
Grounded Earrings-Grounded Earrings
Grounded Earrings

Gold Lab Necklace-Labradorite, gold-filled chain
Gold Lab Necklace

Gold Lab Earrings-Gold Lab Earrings
Gold Lab Earrings

Taffy Necklace-Taffy Necklace, Agate, copper horn, fresh water pearl, pink Botswana agate, moonstone, agate drusy, chrysoprase
Taffy Necklace
The Grass is Greener Earrings-The Grass is Greener Earrings, Chrysoprase chalcedony
The Grass is Greener Earrings

Violetta Necklace-Pink amethyst, ametrine
Violetta Necklace
Violetta Earrings-Violetta Earrings, Ametrine, gold-filled chain
Violetta Earrings
A Piece of Me Necklace-A Piece of Me Necklace, Amethyst, garnet
A Piece of Me Necklace
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