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Fall 2018

Necklaces Earrings


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A Piece of Me Earrings-A Piece of Me Earrings, Ruby Zoisite
A Piece of Me Earrings
Leaf Necklace-Leaf Necklace, Green onyx, green amethyst
Leaf Necklace

Leaf Earrings-Leaf Earrings, Green amethyst
Leaf Earrings
Clear as Mud Necklace-Clear as Mud Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Clear as Mud Necklace

Blue Tiger Necklace-Blue Tiger Necklace, Green tiger's eye, ruby zoisite, lapis, apatite
Blue Tiger Necklace
Blue Tiger Earrings-Blue Tiger Earrings
Blue Tiger Earrings

Black Lab Necklace-Black Lab Necklace, labradorite, apatite, gold-filled chain
Black Lab Necklace
Black Lab Earrings-Black Lab Earrings
Black Lab Earrings

Blue Jay Necklace-Blue Jay Necklace, Lapis
Blue Jay Necklace
Blue Jay Earrings-Blue Jay Earrings, Sodalite
Blue Jay Earrings
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