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Spring 2019

Necklaces Earrings


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Sparkly Claire Necklace-Sparkly Claire Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain and silver
Sparkly Claire Necklace
True Blue Baby Necklace-True Blue Baby Necklace, Synthetic obsidian, turquoise, gold-filled chain
True Blue Baby Necklace

Romantique Necklace-Romantique Necklace, Rutilated quartz, silverite, fresh-water pearl, drusy, moonstone, gold-filled
Romantique Necklace
Take Me to the Islands2 Earrings-Take Me to the Islands2 Earrings
Take Me to the Islands2 Earrings
Turquoise Sun Necklace-Turquoise Sun Necklace, Stabilized turquoise, gold-foil quartz, gold-filled chain
Turquoise Sun Necklace

Dancing Pearl Necklace-Dancing Pearl Necklace
Dancing Pearl Necklace
Lemon Turquoise Earrings-Lemon Turquoise Earrings
Lemon Turquoise Earrings
Creamery Necklace-Creamery Necklace, Agate, drusy, moonstone, gold-filled
Creamery Necklace
Shine Bright Necklace-Shine Bright Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Shine Bright Necklace
Elizabeth Earrings-Elizabeth Earrings, Iolite, coral, peach quartz
Elizabeth Earrings

Shine Bright Earrings-Shine Bright Earrings
Shine Bright Earrings

Seashore Earrings-Seashore Earrings, Peach Moonstone
Seashore Earrings
Rose Drops on Roses Necklace-Rose Drops on Roses Necklace, Rose quartz, gold-filled chain
Rose Drops on Roses Necklace
Claire Necklace-Claire Necklace, Rock Crystal, 34 gold-filled chain
Claire Necklace

Lemon Turquoise Necklace-Lemon Turquoise Necklace, Lemon Citrine, turquoise
Lemon Turquoise Necklace

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