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Impression Jasper and White Lace Agate Mala-Impression Jasper, stone of tranquility and encouragement. White Lace Agate,  grounding stone that harmonizes yin and yang. Sandalwood marker beads and rock crystal guru. silk tassle.
Impression Jasper and White Lace Agate Mala
Sparkly Claire Necklace-Sparkly Claire Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain and silver
Sparkly Claire Necklace
True Blue Baby Necklace-True Blue Baby Necklace, Synthetic obsidian, turquoise, gold-filled chain
True Blue Baby Necklace

Romantique Necklace-Romantique Necklace, Rutilated quartz, silverite, fresh-water pearl, drusy, moonstone, gold-filled
Romantique Necklace
Turquoise Sun Necklace-Turquoise Sun Necklace, Stabilized turquoise, gold-foil quartz, gold-filled chain
Turquoise Sun Necklace

Dancing Pearl Necklace-Dancing Pearl Necklace
Dancing Pearl Necklace
Creamery Necklace-Creamery Necklace, Agate, drusy, moonstone, gold-filled
Creamery Necklace

Shine Bright Necklace-Shine Bright Necklace, Rock crystal, gold-filled chain
Shine Bright Necklace
Rose Drops on Roses Necklace-Rose Drops on Roses Necklace, Rose quartz, gold-filled chain
Rose Drops on Roses Necklace
Claire Necklace-Claire Necklace, Rock Crystal, 34 gold-filled chain
Claire Necklace

Lemon Turquoise Necklace-Lemon Turquoise Necklace, Lemon Citrine, turquoise
Lemon Turquoise Necklace

Rose Dip Necklace-Rose Dip Necklace, Rose quartz, aquamarine, pyrite, amethyst,  rhodocrosite
Rose Dip Necklace
Take me to the Islands2-Take me to the Islands2
Take me to the Islands2

Seashore Necklace-Seashore Necklace, Peach moonstone, pyrite, phoenix blood
Seashore Necklace
Citrine Drops Necklace-Citrine Drops Necklace, Lemon citrine, gold-filled chain
Citrine Drops Necklace
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