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Originally from Montreal, Canada, Marianne grew up with a vivid interest in the arts. She holds a B.A. in Communications and Creative Arts and a Masters in Advertising and Communications. Prior to moving to Tampa, Marianne worked as part of the Creative Services team at Donna Karan New York.

"The arts have always played an important part in my life, instilled early on by my mother’s passion for painting", Marianne says, "today, I feel fortunate to be able to combine my artistic interests and experience in fashion with the art of jewelry design, making each piece an extension of me and a reflection of the spirit of the women who wear them. “

Marianne draws her inspiration mainly from the pure beauty of the raw stones themselves.  "Each gem's color, texture, and shape, speaks to me when creating a piece, I never know what will transpire until I see and feel the essence of each gemstone."

Marianne Homsy

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