6 Tips on How to Wear Earrings with Glasses

A friend of mine asked me a while ago: “Marianne, how do I wear earrings with my glasses without looking like a Christmas tree with ornaments hanging everywhere?”

Kelly, this blog's for you and countless others having this dilemma!  I have done some research and along with my personal opinion, here are a few tips to get you started.


As with anything that relates to design, a good rule of thumb is to strike a harmonious balance and create space.  Every accessory, especially when it’s around your face, should have it’s own place.  Although this may seem strange, pairing long dangle earrings with frames allows for every accessory to have it’s own space.  For example. This Gold Flex Earring with a larger stone at the bottom is a perfect style that allows your specs and the earrings to shine without competing with one another. 

Drop Earring

OK, so we now understand the rule of space.  This brings me to point number 2.


Glasses tend to draw attention to the middle of your face at eye level.  Shorter earrings tend to also draw attention to the same part of your face. So, if you wear long earrings, this will draw your eye down towards your neck and shoulders creating a different focal point.  In this case, by choosing long earrings, drop earrings, or a vertical line earring that draws your eye downwards, you will create a nice balance.  Something like these Ocean Blue Stud Muffins,  Blue Jay Earrings, or Clear Cut Earrings are a good example of this.


You most likely have one or maybe two pairs of glasses and sunglasses. As for earrings, you may have over 10 pairs, so focus on purchasing earrings that suit your glasses. 

To do this, you start by asking yourself : “Are my frames bold or traditional?” 

If you answered bold, then you can choose a pair of earrings that are daintier and on the shorter side like these Violetta Stud Muffins. However, don’t think of this as “boring”.  As I always preach, you must be yourself and feel fabulous! So, if you are a modern lady, and dainty earrings are not your thing, then choose earrings that feel like YOU. 

If you are an earring lover and want to wear bold earrings, then consider toning down the frames by choosing a rimless pair or something more subtle.


(frames in above image from www.eyespyoptical.com)


As we have learned, choosing the right earrings for your specs is a balancing act.  If your glasses are round, preferably stay away from hoops or circular earrings. Compliment the roundness of your frames with a more linear shape or a teardrop.  Should your glasses be more on the square side, which is ideal for those with round faces (see what I mean by the balancing act?), then choosing hoops and oval shapes for your earrings is a good choice.


Coordinate as much as possible the color of your glasses with the metals of your jewelry. For example, if your glasses are silver, clear, or cool tones like blues, then choose silver jewelry or stone colors that will compliment your glasses.  If your frames are in the golden tones, browns, tortoise, then gold jewelry is your ticket as well as stones that compliment the gold frames.  If your glasses are black, then you have carte blanche!

frames and earrings



You are unique and you know what’s best.  If it seems like it’s too much, it probably is.  If you’re confident, that’s what matters. Own it, and go with what you feel looks best on you!  

how to wear earrings with frames

I hope this was helpful to you.  I love to hear from you, so if you have ideas or questions you'd like answered in a future blog post, please reach out to me at mh@mariannehomsy.com.



  • Diane Randle

    Thank you! I did find this helpful. Much appreciated.

  • Frances W. Tierney

    Thanks, Marianne, for your interesting blog. It’s the first time I’ve seen an article on this subject and found it very helpful! xo

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