“Marianne Homsy is passionate about her jewelry designs and has a true love for each of her creations. Her pieces are stylish, contemporary and colorful. Regardless of the material, Marianne creates statement pieces that fashionable Tampa Bay area women seek.”
-Ronda Parag, Tampa Bay Metro Magazine, Publisher / Managing Editor

"Marianne's jewelry is absolutely stunning. Her pieces complete an outfit and always make a statement, I receive numerous compliments every time I wear them. Marianne brings quality and style to Tampa with her incredible line. Thanks Marianne."
-Sharon Raj Tavares, Sharon Tavares, Esquire. P.A.

“I love Marianne Homsy Jewelry! Marianne’s designs are timeless yet inherently modern, the mix of colors, the stones, the artistry. They’re classics with an edge. And since every handmade piece is unique, Marianne Homsy is my go-to for jewelry with one-of-a-kind signature.”
-Karine Schnapp, Victoria Secret Beauty, Vice President of Brand Development
New York

"Each Marianne Homsy Jewelry collection is stunning to look at, but the feeling of wearing one of these delicious pieces makes me look stylish and complete. The jewelry is modern, yet timeless and can be enjoyed season to season. The designer has an artful eye and her skill of capturing colors, and shapes from stunning gems make each piece truly unique. For those of us who have discovered this unique line, we all look forward to each season's collection as we add to our own. The designer continues to create original looks to her pieces which we can't seem to get enough of."
-Carole Jahns, Moffit Cancer Center, Pharmacist

“Marianne Homsy's jewelry is stylish, sexy, strong and extremely unique. My favorite aspect of the jewelry line is its versatility. Pieces can easily be worn everyday. I don't have to think about it too much, just throw it on and go. The jewelry really brings out my personality and allows me to share it with everyone.”
-Vicky Carver, Attorney

"I love the creativity and uniqueness of each piece of Marianne Homsy Jewelry. They are truly one of kind and each with their own personality! Not a season goes by without looking forward to each new collection. Simply fantastic!!"
-Najatte Kanan, Club Med, Human Resources

“I’ve presented Marianne’s jewelry as gifts to practically everyone I know … my fiancé, my sisters, my mother, my in-laws. And they all love it. Marianne Homsy Jewelry is the biggest hit in my world!” -David Shoemaker, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, President
St-Petersburg, FL

“I wear a lot of jewelry and I love unique designs. Marianne Homsy's line of jewelry is unlike any other designer that I have discovered. She has attention to detail and eye for color that is unparalleled in her profession. The quality of the stones and the way she puts the design together gives each piece its own distinct look that you won't find anywhere else.”
-Michelle Bergier, Attorney

“Marianne has created unforgettable collections, using every stone, link and every gem as a unique part of a whole, and makes her clients ache for what her next piece will look like! Marianne marries creativity and cleverness in each precious accessory! Her creations are timely, timeless, and I want them all!!!”
-Veronique Courey

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