Jewelry Care

To keep your gorgeous jewelry looking gorgeous, here are a few tips...

  • Although I decide what to wear after I've thought of which piece of jewelry I'll be wearing on any given day, it is best to put your jewelry on last
  • Do not spray perfume on your jewelry, wait a few seconds after applying perfume to put on your jewelry. Also, be careful with body lotions and hair products; contact with your jewelry can cause it to discolor and erode.
  • To clean your gold-filled chains use warm water and mild soap. Soak for no more than a minute and use a baby toothbrush to clean. Pat the jewelry dry with a soft cloth and let air dry overnight. You can use a jewelry cloth to bring back the shine that may have washed off with the water.  
  • Stay away from liquid jewelry cleaners, when used with porous stones such as coral, opal, turquoise, pearls, and others, permanent irreversible damage can occur.
  • Pearls can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and gently rubbing them.
  • Be gentle with your jewelry, store in separate boxes. Handle with care, dropping a piece on the floor can cause the stones to crack.
  • When traveling, make sure your jewelry is with you as part of your carry-on luggage. Do not stuff it amongst your check in baggage.
  • When wearing rings, be conscious of the gemstones. If possible, take off your ring when washing your hands or doing the dishes. When doing any rigorous activities it is also best to put your ring in a safe place.