How to wear yellow, this Spring's hottest color, and pair jewelry with it.

If you're a fan of Marianne Homsy Jewelry, then you're a fan of color.  I LOVE COLOR.  

Designing jewelry, allows me to mix color combinations every day in every way.  Adding texture, cuts, shapes, and add sparkle into the equation equals magic!  

Pale yellow is especially making a splash this Spring 2021. Choose any shade of this radiant color and go with it, from pale to dark, canary, camel, or neon.  

Pale Yellow

A splash of yellow in your clothing or accessories is easy to pair with any color, especially neutral ones like white, black, grey, or blue.

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate sunshine into your wardrobe:

  1. Keep it simple. You don't have to go out looking like Big Bird to join in on this trend. For example, choose a slip yellow tank top and pair with your favorite black, grey, white, or blue jeans.
  2. Yellow dress success.  Can't be bothered to put an outfit together?  You can be one and done with a yellow dress.  Throw on a jean jacket, pair with some comfy white sneakers, and voila.  
  3. Too much? Wrapping a yellow scarf around your neck or sporting a purse in this color can add just the right amount of flair. 
  4. For the elegant in you…any shade of a yellow tunic cardigan over a white jumpsuit and some nude sandals.  
  5. Yellow jewelry, yes please! As shown in the picture above, a simple lemon citrine is all you need.  This versatile color pairs well with mostly everything.  Some other yellow gemstones include citrine, lemon citrine, amber, sapphire, yellow topaz, tourmaline and zircon.   Gold chains are also your friend. From fine to bold, get out the gold.    Lastly, pearls are another summer must and lucky for you, yellow loves pearls. So get out your pearls girls. 
  6. Play with it and have fun.  It's simpler than you might think.  The best part is that yellow looks great with gold jewelry, and many colors complement it.                                                                                    
What jewelry should you wear with a yellow outfit? Yellow is one of those colors that pairs well with any color really. Try it with greens, purples (it's complimentary color), and pinks.  For a more elegant look, choose greys, whites, and blacks.  Below are a few examples of some great colorful pieces.
                   Blue Lace Drop Necklace    Morgan Necklace  
                   Pearl Necklace    Pearl Necklace
Get out the Gold
For the easy part... Get out your gold chains ladies because yellow loves gold.  From fine to bold, get out the gold! The possibilities are endless when it comes to gold chains. You can layer a few chains together, or some with a more colorful piece, or get out a chunky chain for simplicity, you can't go wrong here.  Here are a few of my favorite Marianne Homsy Jewelry chains. Click on images below to lead you to the blang:)
Blang Blang Necklace
Blang Blang Bracelet
Rectangular Go-To Chain
Rolo Earrings
Paperclip Rolo Bracelet
Visit Marianne Homsy Jewelry for many more styles and options.  If yellow really isn't your thing, this Spring's hottest colors do not disappoint.   These include bubble gum pink, tennis ball green (even though tennis balls aren't green?), magenta, and tangerine.  Choose whatever makes you feel your best, as I always say: 
Spring 2021 hottest colors
For other tips on color, head to my other blog post on how to choose the perfect color combination.
I hope this was helpful to you.  I love to hear from you, so if you have ideas or questions you'd like answered in a future blog post, feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me at

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